The Ikv-91 should be moved to 8.7

  • Ikv-91 is fine at its current BR
  • Ikv-91 should be moved down
  • Ikv-91 should be moved up

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The recent changes to the BR have brought a lot of positives, I don’t think the update did enough though. The aforementioned Ikv–91 is not the only heat-fs slingers at a way too low BR, but it is in my own experience one of the most numerous, and thus deserve the attention.

The Ikv-91 is being served eat-all-you-can buffet and is paying pennis for it, only restricted by its own appetite and the War thunder “RNG”. In an uptier the best thing it might face are other enemies firing shaped charges at it. Because the armour is so thin on the Ikv-91 most AP shells with filler or solid shots, even APFS-DS are going to pass through it with little to no post pen damage, although you might turn his radiator yellow!

Coincidently most vehicles between 7.7 and 6.7 don’t fire shaped charges, or even ones that are potent enough to be a danger for the Ikv-91. That is different however for 7.7 and up.

Thus, I would make the case that the Ikv-91 should be placed at, at least 8.7. Yes! the Ikv-91 won’t be able to go through the composite armour of many MBTs, just so happens the Ikv-91 is fairly small and nimble, already serving the role as light tank, so it should be no problem for it to flank those MBTs. That should make things competitive for the Ikv-91, and a lot more enjoyable for the mid-tier experience of the vehicles around its current BR, when it’s moved up.

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I’ll agree it need to go up, but 8.7? Are you insane? That’s the same tier as it’s stabilized, 105mm APFSDS slinging older brother, and that’s only doing OK. The idea that it could work as a flanker when that tier is utterly dominated by the wheeled TDs which outperform it in literally every way, and having to hunt MBTs with full stabilizers, LRF, ultra high velocity APFSDS, and even thermals, is just absurd.

The singular advantage the Ikv holds over other 90mm HEAT slingers is the LRF, which while I’ll agree warrants it moving up to 8.0, isn’t actually as big of an advantage as you might think. The shell is actually rather low velocity, meaning even with the LRF, it’s almost impossible to hit anything at long range if it’s moving, much less accurately. And the damage output is exactly as low as every other 90mm HEATFS shell, which is to say inconsistent enough to get you killed.

I don’t know why you’re acting like it’s hard to take out. Yes, APHE won’t fuse, but any shot placed even marginally well is going to cripple it. This isn’t like a Class 3P, where there’s a ton of empty space for your round to miss critical components. The crew are stacked in close formation and there’s a massive, vertical ready rack opposite the gunner, meaning any shot either side of the gun is going to cripple or kill the tank. Plus you can literally kill it with .50s from the side and even the front if you know where to aim.

Put it on a map where it can’t use it’s LRF to good effect, and you’re arguably better off something like the Ru-251 (Which is at 7.3 these days). 8.0 is absolutely fair for it.


8.7 might seem harsh for Ikv-91, but placing it beneath that is harsh for a lot of other vehicles. Yes, it will be challenging to play the Ikv-91 against “modern” MBTs, as is it for pre cold war tanks to fight the Ikv-91, its just a matter of who is cat and mouse.

I enjoy lowtier/midtier very much, because at that tier a lot of the gameplay is in the challenge of aiming for weak spots on each other to earn a kill or even a pen. That is not the exchange between heat slingers like the Ikv-91 at 7.7 against its contemporary opponents, where the gameplay of shooting at each other’s weak posts is till the rule not the exception, just yet.

Instead what you have is an imbalance where if anyone wants to kill or cripple the Ikv-91 they still have to aim for weak spots, on the other hand, the ikv-91 will pen anywhere and do sufficient damage to kill not with the first shot, then the second or third, while the target is damaged beyond the ability to retaliate potentially from the first shot they received.

That is why I think it should go to 8.7 where a different gameplay starts to take shape, it would make it seem much more at home, and natural in its presence among the other vehicles that are otherwise much alike the Ikv-91 itself.

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8.7? Are you on drugs?
It can be 50. to death, it faced ERA more often than not with only a very slow HEAT-FS round, no stabilizer, gets bullied by autocannons and the zoom is a not a benefit at close quarters.

What can it do facing 9.3-9.7 tanks in your opinion?
I NEVER had any issues killing it, and the lack of armor have never saved me using it.
Even seriously thinking it should go to 8.7 is just wild…

Are you saying it should be at the same BR as the Object 279? IT-1? IKV 91-105? Magach 6B? Mephisto? Object 122? T-55AM?


Well alot of things can get 50 called, everyone gets bullied by autocannons. Here is what it can do. Pen 400 mm of armour with a shaped charge that is gonna do enough damage to disable enemies, if not kill them outright.
The issue for the Ikv-91 against ERA is going to hit the enemy anywhere else, where it does not have ERA, the sides the rear. I am repeating myself and i could continue but my points have already been made. To answer your last question. I ask you to open up the ingame ‘protection analysis’ and see for yourself what a Heat-round from the Ikv-91 can do against those vehicles you mentioned in your last part.

It`s my most played thank so i know it quite well.
Unlike you that have 0 games in it.
Its fine at 7.7-8.0, it has nothing to to at 8,7, get a grip son.
How well does HEAT-FS work at 8.7? Even at 8.3 it starts to struggle preddy badly.
Seen the speed and drop of its shell?


Well i would say you have a bias, and also that you might not be telling the truth when you say it is your most played vehicle. “son” lol
I mean is this not you?

Hm, thought i had played it way more, ngl.
The point is still at it has no place at 8.7.
Tell us more on how it should face 9.7s

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Well i could (and i did) say it has no place at 7.7, maybe i could agree to something else than 8.7, but it would have to be more than 7.7. Also I want to know if you actually used the ‘protection analysis’ as a requested, since you wanted me to answer your latter question, or is that not relevant anymore?

lol be honest man

8.0 would be fine, its a less armored OF-40

I still want to know if you tried the ‘protection analysis’ as I politely requested of you…

90mm HEAT-FS isn’t amazing at 6.3 either. Overhyped due to “big pen number”, which can be like death by a thousand cuts or blocked by a fence/railing/branch/etc.

Not downplaying the pros of it but gets blown out of proportion that it OP at 5.3 (200mm pen) but by 8.0 it is seen as mostly garbage (of course in part due to armour made to stop it in some cases).

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Most painful way to die in War thunder lol

It is your most played Swedish and 48 means at least spaded and played with. So you aren’t totally wrong.

Trying to get the right hit with a 6.7 Japanese HEAT-FS on a slightly awkwardly placed Tiger II H was particularly frustrating at range, but mainly due to only bringing 5 that match and was not enough.

On another day my first shot might have hit and detonated ammo and been a OHK!

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You seem like the kinda guy reading stat cards like a Jehova witnesses bloke reads the bible.
Same BR as the Object 279 and the T-55AM, even higher than a Maus.
Not sure if this trolling or not

Im not gonna let you slither away from my question…

I know that Tiger II H was screaming the whole time, praying that your next shot would not kill him lmao. I have been there to many times, not just in my exprience with heat but also the likes of USH and raketenautomat lol

OMG, you can oneshot a T-64A with a 1.0 Swedish tank, move it to 8.7 because the protection analysis said so!

According to that HEAT-FS pens better than APFSDS at times, but that not how it works during a actual game is it?
HEAT-FS detonates touching grass.
Talking about touching grass, seems you should do that as well, for this is a strange thread