The IKV 103 HEAT and HEAT-FS do nothing to T-34 post pen? (4.0)

As title states, I cannot seem to find the G spot to 1 hit a t-34 post pen with the IKV-103. It just does so little damage, and the shrapnel afterpen gets stopped by the crew and optics aswell as other internals. How am I supposed to counter this hunk of steel without the use of my best SPG???

Any and all answers welcome. Thanks in Advance! - Ramelousse

I guess I wont get an answer. At least that’s that.

The IKV is pain, and welcome to Russian Bias!

Seriously though the best luck I had with IKV and heat against t-34s was either just under the front plate, centre mass or side shot just below the front of the turret on a side shot.

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Thank you for the response!
Yeah, I noticed that slightly under the turret ends up killing the turret crew, which is good if your reload is faster than their crew replenishment. center of mass is also a good place to aim for.