The Hungarian Hinds placement in the Helicopter Tech Tree for Italy

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I have a bit of an ick at the moment with the recently added Hinds for Italy, I was working to get the A-129CBT and now, the new AH-129D that was added just today, but I had a bit of a break because I went on a vacation for a month, and know I see that there are 2 Hinds in the Italian tech tree, which is completely awesome and amazing! However, there is a bit of an issue regarding the placement for the new Hinds, why are they in the same line as the Italian helicopters? Why aren’t in their separate line?

War Thunder Screenshot 2023.10.31 -
It is a bit irritating that I have to go through 2 hinds before thinking of getting the rest of the Mangusta family.

China however doesn’t have an issue with this
War Thunder Screenshot 2023.10.31 -
Despite having more numbers in Helicopters, the Taiwanese variants are still in they’re own separate tech tree.

I am not sure of this is a ‘‘quantity of vehicle’’ situation or making the grind ‘‘easier’’, but it would be nice to see the Hinds on they’re separate line, since playing helicopters or tanks with Italy is already a bit frustrating.

Hopefully this facilitates the grind for the newly added AH-129D. Thank you for your time!

And happy Halloween!

i believe it has to do with grind ability imo, mi-24 is a lot better than the other 8.7

two line option gives you efficient grind to both 8.7 from almost unplayable starter, leaves 9.7 heli without any grind bonuses atm and gives you efficient grind to more expensive 10.3 from worst 8.7 out of both with really bad stock grind (and no lineup atm). I understand that for you, grinding with premium, it makes it just longer, but for f2p players it is definietely a better option.

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