The Hungarian Aircraft Line is Coming to the Italian Tree!

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We’re pleased to announce that the Hungarian aircraft line is going to be added to the Italian aircraft tree in the next major update Alpha Strike, which continues the development of Hungarian vehicles being added to the game. Let’s dive in and take a look!

Brief history of the Hungarian Air Force

Initially the Hungarian Air Force was founded in 1918 where it was made up of aircraft left over from WWI. In 1920 however, the Treaty of Trianon was signed between Hungary and the Allies that prevented Hungary from producing and using any aircraft. Despite this, they still opted to rebuild their air force in secret where it was eventually discovered in 1938 that this had been going on.

Hungary fought in several WWII battles including the German invasion of the Soviet Union, and the Invasion of Yugoslavia where their air force took part mostly using German and Italian aircraft. Hungary’s highest scoring Ace of WWII was Dezső Szentgyörgyi, having had 30 confirmed victories against Soviet and U.S. aircraft.

After WWII and the Battle for Hungary in 1945, Soviet influence played a significant role in the country. Hungary was given several WWII-era aircraft that had survived the war, including the Yak-9P, Tu-2 and IL-10 which remained in service into the 50s. This was until moving to Soviet jet fighters such as the MiG-15, MiG-17 and MiG-29 that were used throughout the Cold War. Currently, Hungary’s flagship jet fighter is the JAS39C which has been in service since the early 2000s.

Meet Hungary’s Aircraft line!

We’ve prepared a selection of interesting aircraft from WWII and the Cold War. Take a look at what’s awaiting you!

Some of Hungary’s WWII aircraft were delivered to the Hungarian Air Force after the end of the war. First up is the famous Yak-9P and IL-10, as well as the Tu-2 bomber. These Soviet classics are going to bring the powerful 37 mm and 20 mm cannons, plus FAB bombing options that can be enjoyed in different game modes!

As for post-war, the Hungarian Air Force operated several interesting aircraft that are coming to the game: the MiG-15bis, MiG-17PF, IL-28, MiG-21MF, MiG-21bis-SAU, MiG-23MF, Su-22M3 and the MiG-29 9-12B! It’s these aircraft that are going to play a key role in enhancing Italy’s ground force lineups and will complement Hungarian tanks that are already in the game thanks to their additional bomb attacking options. In addition to this, they’re going to be fun in air battles thanks to their great top speeds and great air-to-air missile capability!

To top it all off is the JAS39C which is going to become the flagship jet for the Hungarian line! Still in service with the Hungarian Air Force today, this aircraft is going to be the one you’re going to want to get. Fast, maneuverable and the option for different types of air and bomb attack weapons including 6 x AIM-9M’s is exactly what you can look forward to.

This is just the start, as we have plans to implement other Hungarian aircraft in the future as well!

Make sure that you take a look at the addition of Hungarian aircraft in the Italian tree in the next major update called Alpha Strike, which is the first major of 2024, as there’s plenty to research and have fun with. With that, we’ve reached the end of this dev blog — stay tuned to the news where we’ll be unveiling other exciting vehicles that will soon be arriving!


Will Italy get any other premium top tier jet besides F104S?


Beautiful, always happy to see extra options added for nations, (hopefully Israel is next haha)

Lacking all the low-tier domestic aircraft they could have had… Great job!


another nation getting grippen C before sweden again lmaoooo


very cool, this tree seems HUNGARY for blood :D very happy to have it!

I kinda was waiting for WW2 stuff only. So there is no rank I and II?

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Looks like drop tank decals might be being added.

italy got more stuff maybe we italy mains arent so hungary anymore


I guess maybe F-104G/S next premium pre-order pack fro Italy tree

Sexay! 😍

I hope it’s not a stupid excuse for not giving anything to Italians in land vehicles (I underline Italians)


Wait… so ANOTHER nation is getting the Gripen C before Sweden? … and even a nation not even yet in the game…

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why is there a black area on the nose, never was there in reallife

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uhmmm … yes?



thats not MiG-29B “21”

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Yeah, that one is “red”

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still not same camo

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Still doesn’t matter, gaijin never tried make all camos properly accurate, you can try bug report it when dev will be opened