The HSTVL Varients

There were a couple variants of the HSTVL. There is the HSTVL itself, and then there is the RDF/LT which was designed after wards. They both never left prototype stages. I am curious as to what people think about adding the RDF/LT to the tech tree with the HSTVL. Not premium( although I am curious if you all would want it premium ). Just another light tank for top tier America.

I didn’t do a suggestion simply because I couldn’t find any original sources. I just found a bunch of third party sources and stuff

RDF looks similar to the HSTV-L, but what exactly is different?

Well from what I can tell so far. The RDF/LT had a burst fire for it’s main gun. It also had a 76mm variant and a 75mm variant. The 75mm variant is the one that can burst fire. The third variant also had stinger missiles. although I don’t think it ever got past the design documents.

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sounds interesting

ikr. I don’t know how they’d be balanced but it sounds fun lol

Well judging by how the HSTV-L is in game it wont be OP

true. very true