The Horrid State of the Heli grind

Even with the assist from tanks, the grind for helicopters is just insane, I get that they want you to grind em slowly because there is so few, but Heli EC is an utter joke and now with the Skill bonus system helis barely gain anything from it, instead of fixing PVP they said, nah the Ka-50/52 are not the issue everything else is

Yes the grind for tier 5 and 6 helis is excessively expensive, they should be as expensives as ground or air vehicles of the same tier

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I’ve been tempted into trying Heilcoptors, but there’s a few obstacles.

-Abusive grind requirements
-No Sim PvE. Arcade is just lame AF… 🤦‍♂️
-Current PvE mode only favors certain helicopters. Even PvE is unbalanced…

This game has hundreds of vehicle for the players to grind through. Nobody will EVER catch up! Why does Gaijin still insist on making RP so cumbersome to come by? Make the game more accessible for your players!