The Hell is up with this?

The shell didn’t even PEN MY ARMOR, How did it kill me? PLEAE fix these 88 shells, this is getting annoying, All these Tiger players do anymore is just spam this magic APHE that can kill tanks by not even penetrating their armor.


Yep, by a APHE shell, that didn’t even penetrate the armor, of one the heaviest armored tank of WW2, and that doesn’t even have a QUATER of the explosive mass of a 120mm HESH shell that DOESN’T get Overpressure.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.

I would absolutely prefer if APHE rounds simply didn’t have overpressure. At least up to 500 grams of TNT equivalent.


That’s why there’s a question mark at the end… I was merely speculating, and a solution out there. No need to get into a hissy fit over it. I know your annoyed, but getting mad at me won’t do anything

I mean hell, the FV4005 doesn’t get Overpressure and its firing like 40 some pounds of C4 at tanks. WHY does a Tiny amount of Filler in a APHE round get to do Overpressure damage?


If this is the client replay compared to the server one, that could be a reason you’re not getting this.

Idk, and I’m not saying APHE should not get looked over again, which it is getting “nerfed” later this year, I was just putting my speculations out there

Checked both, Shell didn’t Penetrate the Mantlet. It just magically teleported Fragments through the armor and overpressured me.

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Good on you for checking both, so many don’t.

Doesn’t (Or ig didn’t since APHE isn’t used too much anymore irl) this happen in real life? Like the shell doesn’t pen the armor but sends fragments of the armor flying all over the place inside the tank?

Not on Surface Hardened cast armor like the Black Prince’s Mantlet is.

(granted Gaijin refuses to model it as such, same for the rest of the armor being surface hardened, Battleship grade steel)

Like legit, Every part of the Black prince was too big for the Steel presses that Vauxhall normally used to make the plates for the other Churchills, so they used BATTLESHIP steel, that was pressed and formed in a ship yard, And surface hardened to be specifically designed to SHATTER shells on impact, and even if one was strong enough to break the surface layer of around 30mm of Super hard steel, it still had 120mm of Softer steel that would just absorb the energy behind it.

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Face hardened cast?

Ohhh okay. I didn’t know

Yeah, it was something that was tested with the BP, it worked wonders, but was VERY hard to actually do.

Tiger’s ammo does this cause it has ~215G of TNT equivalent explosive mass

The breech was damaged, and that fulfils the overpressure requirement of damaging an internal component to activate. All normal stuff here.

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Yeah the PzGr shell sometimes does that if it was “close enough” to penetrating. You can see this by the breech damage.