The helie pve brs need to be adjusted

The br system for Heli PVE needs to be changed. the helis in arcade that are 9.7 do not belong playing with anything above 10.0. Me and my friends enjoy playing this game mode but there are too many helicopters that are uptierd with ka50s\52s and the like. the Israeli ah1e is the same as the japanese ah1e yet they are to diffrent brs, Israeli being 9.0 or .3 and japanese ah1e being 9.7. there are so many helis ruined in this game mode specifically. I think the br sysytem should either be 10.3 and above or 3 sepreate brs one for low, mid, and high ranks.

Thank you for your time

sincerely avid heli pve player!

The PVE experience is also just not very good for the helis that need the PVE mode the most: stock early helis. Over time I learned to kill bases by eyeballing might mouse/s-5 rocket barrages from 3-4km but the M163’s are still too hard to kill when you’re stock with unguided weapons.

There needs to be more non-combat or light combat tasks as well for the ultralight heli’s that have basically no weapons.


To be honest, I always got the impression that Heli PvE was meant to be an extremely short term, stop gap solution whilst they worked on something better. It feels like it was thrown together, on a friday afternoon, in a rush. It is so buggy, that it surely cant be meant as a proper gamemode.

and yet, we’ve had it for over a year I believe. with no words that they are even considering replacing it. Whilst yeah, some improvements to brackets might help. Perhaps giving helis an SB BR might work. What we really really need. Is a replacement for that gamemode. I want to play my heli, in a gamemode other than GRB or Heli EC, because both suck at the moment.

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