The H-58d

The OH-58D and OH-58D helicopters are designed
for use in close combat aerial reconnaissance,
These instructions are for use by the operator(s). They intelligence gathering, surveillance, target acquisition apply to the OH-58D and OH-58D helicopter. and is armed for self-defense and targets of
opportunity. It incorporates a mast mounted sight that
enables the crew to perform the mission while 1-2. WARNINGS, CAUTIONS, AND NOTES remaining at a stand-off range and out of direct line of DEFINED. sight of enemy observation. Used for weapons
Warnings, cautions, and notes are used to emphasize guidance, the sight laser range finder/designator can
important and critical instructions and are used for the designate target for laser-seeking weapons or can
following conditions. accurately determine distance and direction from the
helicopter to an intended target (for self defense, target
handover to an attack helicopter, TAC AIR, or WARNING conventional field artillery engagement). It includes
provisions for mounting and firing multiple weapons
systems. The weapon systems are mounted on a An operating procedure, practice, etc., universal weapons pylon which is installed in the which, if not correctly followed, could intermediate fuselage. The weapon systems are fully result in personal injury or loss of life.
integrated into the Control/Display Subsystem.
Electronic systems provide communications security, CAUTION radar warning, accurate navigation data, and aircraft
identification. The helicopter is capable of performing
these missions day and night, in limited adverse An operating procedure, practice, etc. weather, obscured battlefield conditions, and nap-of-the which, if not strictly observed, could earth (NOE) flight conditions. result in damage to or destruction of
equipment. The helicopter is powered by an Allison turboshaft
engine and has a four blade, foldable main rotor NOTE system.
An operating procedure, condition, etc.,
which is essential to highlight. 1-4. APPENDIX A, REFERENCES.
Appendix A is a listing of official publications cited
1-3. DESCRIPTION. within the manual applicable to and available for flight
This manual contains the best operating instructions
and procedures for the OH-58D and OH-58D
helicopters under most circumstance. The observance 1-5. APPENDIX B, ABBREVIATIONS AND of limitations, performance, and weight balance data TERMS. provided is mandatory. The observance of procedures
is mandatory except when modification is required Definitions of all abbreviations and terms used because of multiple emergencies, adverse weather, throughout the manual will be included in Appendix B. terrain, etc. Your flying experience is recognized, and Abbreviations used are in accordance with the therefore, basic flight principles are not included. THIS
MANUAL SHALL BE CARRIED IN THE HELICOPTER requirements of MIL-STD-12D unless otherwise defined
AT ALL TIMES. by the procuring activity.
1Figure 2-3. Turning Radius
All controls, except the multifunction keyboard, which
a. Instrument Panel and Console. Figures 2-6 are part of the helicopter system along with their
and 2-7 depict the pilot and CPG instrument panel and operations and functions, are discussed in detail under
respective headings throughout this chapter. pedestal console. Individual panels, indicators, and
display units are indexed for location and identification.
These components are described and illustrated in
more detail under their respective headings. 2-11. CONTROL/DISPLAY SUBSYSTEM.
b. Overhead Console Panels and Center Post a. Description. The control/display subsystem Circuit Breaker Panel. Figure 2-8 depicts the (CDS) is a data handling and signal processing system
overhead console panels and center post circuit which collects data from the avionics mast mounted
breaker panel. These panels are covered in detail in sight (MMS), and helicopter subsystems. The CDS
Section XI of this chapter. transforms the data into digital code,

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