The guns on the Japanese props suck, please do something

Also what in damnation is this russian bias BS?

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The first aircraft you barely hit with one round or so, probably with the 20mm. The second and third were an easy kill / severy damage, so not really an issue there?
Russian BIAS because the Yak kept flying (with severe damage)? But wasn’t it nearly the same for you after you lost a big part of your wing and were still able to severly damage the Yak?

Second video seems to first show an AP hit, most likely 20mm, which is expected to not cause much damage. Maybe the hit at 0:34 could’ve done more damage, but not sure if it was just the 20mm. The rest your shots were all misses.

I mean, Guns tend to be bad when you dont hit your target, On the planes that you actually hit , the damage was more than decent


His aim aside, Japanese 30 mm cannons are nowhere near as powerful as they once were, specially the Ho-155s which are used on army aircraft like the Ki-83.

Edit: for example, the 30 mm HEF round for the Ho-155 has a 0.8 mm fuse sensitivity… which means it doesn’t fuse on plane skin and will just go through unless it explicitly hits some other internal component.


“Hit” with two 20mms point blank is not even half decent, what chu talking about

let’s not forget that these shells went from 900m/s and 2km of range to 700m/s and 800m of range, not only the off muzzle velocity is crazy low but also the drag. Ki83 is a very good aircraft (still not competitive for 6.0+ BR) with it’s own caveats you can work around… except the god awful damage output. You get killed because you can’t kill the enemy first.

Nice Troll 😂

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In case no one noticed, he used the full AP-T belt for the 30mm.

They wreck spars and engines or just pass through the airframe with no damage.

He probably still had the Tracer selected thinking it was HEF-T.

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That is true.

However, it still stands that the Ho-155s have undeniably been nerfed.

ngl, i made this mistake before. i thought my 30s was doing zero damage after multiple hits but just used the wrong belt.


Recommend learning to aim before making claims.


cute of you to telling me to aim while you’re below 0.5 kd on everything, the ki83 is almost impossible to aim, for it it literally handles worse than many heavy bombers.

I am tired of objectively below below average players giving me lections without any previous experience.

Its because of recent changes to japanese 30mm guns and its ammo. They dont do sometimes any damage. 20mms do more damage and are more reliable fr - sometimes 30mms still kill but its extremly unreliable compare to 100% oneshot on hit as they were. But thing is gaijin does not care. For example premium 30mm raiden has like what 84 rounds as its only armament and when you dont oneshot what do you do? + It got uptiered before the nerf from 4.7 to 5.3 with now useless guns - I really pity the people that bought the plane. Same goes for Ki-200 - 8.7 because of its guns while me 163 same plane (well actually better as its guns are still more reliable on hit and flight is bit better) that has also inaccurate 30mm is at 8.0 and other planes with 30mms same story. All were and still are overtiered because their guns used to be accurate, fast and oneshot. Now they are none of those things yet br is the same overtiered bs as with good guns (tbf it was overtiered even with the good guns but now they are just unplayable).