The game was better when players had less spawn points

The gameplay was much better when most players could not spawn more than 3 times. Now that players have so many spawn points so easily, it’s just a zerg festival and it really removes all tactics and strategy from the game.

Five minutes into a match and at least one team has already lost half their team because they just zerg and die 2 - 3 times and then they are done. In the old system, players were forced to be more cautious because they don’t get a second chance in a main tank.

Now it’s not uncommon to have the top three players spawning 7 or 8 times per game in RB - that’s absurd.

Reduce the spawn points to the old system (4+ years ago) so players actually have to THINK about the game instead of just playing “arcade mode with different damage”.

The other major problem with the spawn points now is CAS … getting into a plane used to be rewarding. Now it’s just a revenge kill bombing mode when pretty much anyone who gets at least one kill or a cap is instantly in a plane. Which they use to get a revenge kill/dart/die immediately.

Gameplay has deteriorated into a mindless team of lemmings who don’t understand anything except: respawn, zerg, respawn zerg until they can’t do it anymore and just rinse and repeat every match.

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