The game using extra 4GB+ of hard drive space when running for a while

Have you noticed that when you have your game running for a while, it starts eating up hard drive space? We are talking 4GB+ here. That’s just for sitting in the garage. I have 16GB Ram and RTX 3060 with 12GB VRam and a 1080p monitor. Why is this game excessively wearing out my SSD every time I run it? I don’t even mention the multiple updates a day and constant recheck of all the files when updating. This game just takes a heavy toll on your SSD with a limited read/write cycles.

I have noticed this over the last few months. Hard to say how long it’s been like this, as I didn’t play for 9 months before the last summer. There is no way a game can store so many textures on the SSD while just sitting in the garage, so this looks like some bug or lazy coding.

Gaijin, please fix this asap.

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I am not a pc expert but I believe that, since you only have 16gb of ram, the game is using your ssd as ram too. 16gb is the recommended amount but higher graphics and background applications might be eating up your ram too.

This is 1080p only and my video card has plenty of VRAM as well. This is not even playing the game, but just sitting in the garage for 2+ hours. This is more like a memory leak. The game doesn’t release it, but uses more and more. Memory leaks are a bug and a bad code design.

gaijin’s code is not so good, it wont automatically release memory, so it will use your SSD or just program crash

How much system ram does your task manager say is being used? Mine doesnt have issues with using all the ram even with a dozen tabs open and playing music. But to be fair, I have 32gb.

I agree that you have plenty of vram so that should not be a bottle neck assuming Gaijin didnt break their code again.

LMAO, your ssd will die of old age sooner than you reach TBW limit.

Also, here is some tbw-schizo-fuel for you, Windows writes some data after every boot and when you watch youtube videos, its downloading data too.