The game needs a little bit of fixing

This is a great game but it desperately needs some fixing. In summary: War Thunder needs to be fixed in matchmaking/maps, the vehicles, gameplay, making the game more fun, and experimenting, but if you want me to get into it, here it is:

I have been playing War Thunder for a little less than a year, but the game really needs a touchup and this can be heard from many famous players like PhlyDaily. From gameplay to vehicles themselves this includes:

  • Matchmaking (randomization of maps and high bimodal range of BR spread in battles)
  • Certain maps that suck need removal, Some maps that should be added to make the game more fun
  • Randomization of teams (Germany and the Soviet Union/Russia should not be together anywhere near often if this is based off realism because they do not have a very good history)
  • Naval battles should be redone or made so it is actually fun
  • The game modes should be somewhat intertwined and planes/CAS should not be so OP, BR changes should be done off of a new system
  • Damage models/penetration and other stats should really be updated as well as volumetric
  • Eras of vehicles like WWII and Cold War should be added or separated where they cannot be together at their BRs and past eras should be equally appreciated
  • Keeping updated with accurate statistics on specifics found on vehicles without nerfing them
  • Finally events and updates should be more interesting as well as incorporating experimental and more realistic features.

Maps, Matchmaking, and Gameplay

Firstly, there are the maps and matches. It should be seen from statistics that some people get maps non-stop (ex: only desert maps or only just one map like Sands of Sinai) and also the incredible bimodal range of getting almost only uptiers and almost only downtiers at certain BRs making it unfair or too OP.

Several maps also need to be removed from ground RB or changed from its BR range (to go up higher). Some of these are: Second Battle of El Alamein, Sands of Sinai, Aral Sea, Campania, Fire Arc, Port Novorossiysk, and Mozdok. Many of these are seen at too low of a BR, allow for too much camping, or unfairness of one spawn almost always because of the size or bareness of the maps. Again stated is countries being put together which are certainly not random because the US almost always faces Germany and Russia leading to the US losing (a good amount) because of two of the strongest nations being together.

Finally is Naval battles. Do I really need to say anything? They are just not as fun but I feel they could be changed and possibly could be added to ground + air and make the battle rely on all three parts coming together to win like a real war.


Next is the vehicles themselves in battles and their functions. The BR system works somewhat but is still pretty unfair and should be regulated not off stats or a bias towards a specific country (you know who) but with something like a court or board of players elected possibly from some of the more experienced players who have been at this game for ex. more than 6 months or higher than level 30 and have had experience with a country or BR range. Planes should also be incorporated while still being fair by having higher or lower SP for what they have like slow big bombers and having lower payloads can be at a much lower SP cost than fast, nimble fighters and large loads of ordinance per each plane.

The penetration models of guns and the different armor statistics of vehicles is not very accurate all the time and while decent, it should be used from a real physics simulation then implemented but also the penetration regarding volumetric with it being so 50/50 like with the IS-2 or T-34 randomly absorbing shots in low armor spots. Repairing and healing in vehicles should be changed a little bit as well as the damage that certain things do like bombs, HE, and HESH should do a lot more damage in terms of shockwave and damage in the tank. Tracks should be a little easier to be damaged from things like artillery, but should also be the fastest to be repaired. I won’t get too into that stuff, but it all needs to be changed.

Last is Eras of vehicles being together. Why should I be facing an IS-3 in a full uptier with my T26e5? WWII and Cold war vehicles or Cold War and modern vehicles should not be together realistically or statistically. The armor, penetration, and mobility of newer vehicles shadows that of the older tech.


In addition, continuing on some of the stuff from the last paragraph, it is not as fun to have things like heavy tanks just be put in and kind of be nothing special and having tons of light, fast, and “no armor best armor” vehicles dominating the battlefield. They make it less fun and in real life, I doubt there were many m18s zooming around Tiger I’s positions and taking them out without the tiger even noticing. Teams should be encouraged to work together with armor and guns in unison and also tactics other than just rushing the capture points or sniping.

The roles of vehicles are also not as appreciated in war thunder like heavy tanks holding back lines and medium tanks advancing behind them with supporting fire. I will get into it later, but the whole point of tanks in war is protecting infantry, advancing, taking out enemy armor and fortifications, and defending offensive lines. Things like artillery should be used by all vehicles but should not be able to be spammed everywhere and should be seen as a collective use by each team, again like real war. All statistics should be kept true-to-life and placement of vehicles should rather just change.

Appreciation of WWII and New Stuff

Finally, War Thunder really needs to keep WWII and older vehicles to still feel important by adding new and cool ones (although there are a limited amount of tanks, there are many different versions of them that are not all represented and should be, maybe being specially unlocked for a specific quest or goal) while still keeping modern vehicles up-to-date with their variants.

I also think that Gaijin should add some cool events. It would really be nice for something like the April Fools event, but one a month (and they can be in a cycle or random so as to not have to constantly keep up with making new ones or renewing old April fools events for new players such as I). New features should also be incorporated, like seeing how infantry would work (possibly combining the amazing tank and plane gameplay of War Thunder and the realism and engagement of Enlisted which is highly controversial) or the ability to have another part of the game using its physics and gameplay for things like people being able to design their own tanks or modern tank concepts which would allow custom missions and the community to be more involved with the game.

I could go on and on about what could be better but this is my main summary. Please point out any suggestions and thank you if you read this whole thing.

This would just cause an insane amount of drama, claims of bias, and personal attacks.

Enlisted was made because people wanted war thunder but with infantry.

Changes are needed. Mostly making the instant spawn sniping not a thing

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Called it. Ive said it before and I will say it again- I respect Phly immensely as a content creator, but his opinions on this are quite honestly stupid.

That being said, lets knock this down one by one.


Read a book mf

Matchmaking isnt based on realism, and shouldnt be. Honestly I would prefer GRB getting AB’s matchmaker, but I digress.

Actually a fair point, maps do need significant changes.

Honestly what @GoneToTheAether has said about CAS is what I would do

Honestly agree, cant hurt. BR changes just need actual discretion instead of a new system.

sigh and here we are.

This is an absolute no. It would make playing any minor nation completely unviable, our current system is fine. Yeah, us swedes have our HEAT-FS at 4.0, but its bad. Heavy tanks arent supposed to be invincible, and the armor is meant to be a last-ditch resort. Look at the survivability onion. Armor is the second-to-last thing, not being actually hit is more important.

IS-3 was made before the T26E5.


Quite literally cope.

Do agree on this, though.

TLDR: 90% of it is wrong and/or a horrible suggestion, minus map and event changes.


There is no bias towards any specific nation in WT.

There already is this with the BR changes feedback thread, but less organized. It works fine if Gajin listens.

An era split in war thunder is just a bad idea. It will lead to spots of a permanent uptier/downtiers, and doesn’t balance the game well.

If Tigers are dying to M18s that easily, the Tigers have a skill issue. It is incredibly easy to look out for flanking tanks, or to flank yourself. Currently, light tanks are not as dominant as some people think, and they can be killed incredibly easily.

If there was any bias, it would US bias due to how they throw a huge fit if they dont have the best vehicles at every br/mode

Play the game yourself and learn what is/isn’t good, Don’t just take content creators at face value.

Germany, Russia and USA shouldn’t be on that same sides at all, rotate between having one of the three on each team for varieties sake, for example my ideal MM for Rank IV-V would be RU/CN vs US/JP/FR or RU/CN vs GER/ITA/SWE/ISR. Maps for certain need to be overhauled and made better with a lot more community support and thinking behind it.

They are only OP cause every other “valued customer” on the forum doesn’t want to do anything about it, whether its spawning SPAA or a plane specifically to curb CAS.

This isn’t possible.

I agree.

This goes two ways, either have fun fighting the T-54 in your Rank I-II Swedish vehicles or accept that this idea just isn’t feasible. You can’t hard cut eras because vehicle performance is a more important metric than a vehicles era.

The WT player council used to exist and the idea has been pitched several times. It would not work due to player drama or other issues.

As ZendikarHaven said, the IS-3 was made before the T26E5. The T26E5 is also a 6.7 tank while the IS-3 is a 7.3 meaning you are getting an uptier, uptiers are always going to be tough but your reward for destroying a higher BR tank is ever so slightly higher if I’m not mistaken.

Cool idea but not feasible possible as developing unique events like April fools take time. Better off just having historical battles as monthly events say like 2.0-4.7 British vs German tanks on Sinai/Tunisia for one month then maybe a D-day event where its British/US vs Germany at 3.7/5.7. Just throwing some ideas out there.

Playing wt and reading the (old) forum for years - i saw nothing new in your post.

It looked more like a summary of the most obvious issues of wt - and frankly spoken it would have been way easier to read if you would have added some paragraphs or bullet points :-)

I support anybody who is willing to invest time in order to improve certain issues (doesn’t matter if wt or irl) - but this requires also that those guys try to take a step back and look on the broader picture:

It boils down, that the game in it’s current state looks exactly like the silent majority of players want it to be. Proposals from more experienced or long-term players look quite often reasonable, but they are actually detrimental from gaijin’s perspective as their goal is to earn money with the silent majority - and not to create a pleasant game experience for guys active in this forum.

A last word:

Don’t listen to guys explaining to you why proposals & suggestions are not possible - humans prefer to arrange with given circumstances and are mostly not really happy if changes would force them to leave their individual “comfort zones”.

Have a good one!


Thank you for the word of support! Hopefully more people stop looking at CAS itself as the demon needing slaying and rather the mechanics CAS interacts with as the main target to alter.

We’ve had at least two dozen distinct alterations to ordinance (usually nerfs), but not once has the kill camera been neutered/removed altogether from RB & Sim. Not once have planes been forced to airfield spawn, even though 95% of planes used over tank maps are perfectly capable of airfield takeoff.

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I really wish people would stop jumping to the conclusion of “it killed me and I don’t know how to counter it, therefore it must be overpowered.”

As that one guy I had sharp disagreements with could not quite fathom, I’ll say it again:

CAS itself is not overpowered.

The mechanics it interacts with are overpowered. The kill camera is overpowered. Planes spawning in midair at 1-2km altitude and high speed is overpowered. Every player on the team seeing a giant text message when caps flip is overpowered.


My major issue with the game is a lack of game modes that provide different game play. Gaijin will claim that they have enough game modes but the truth is that it’s VERY limited.

At the upper BR’s arcade and realistic play very similar and the only mode with battles that last more than 12 minutes is Sim and Sim just isn’t ever going to be for most players.

There is no long form mode. Hell theres not even a mode that lasts 30 minutes.

War Thunder plays like a mobile game.

I do agree with some aspects of Phlys video talking about how modern vehicles kind of ruined the game. The truth is that the game was really built around ww2 and korean war vehicles. Whether its planes or tanks, the game works relatively well for these types of vehicles. Once we get beyond this era though, the flaws in the game really start to come out.

Gaijin has tried to address these flaws through band aid solutions but their fundamental game structure just doesnt work for more modern vehicles. This is why WOT never went beyond the ww2 experimental era. Because the modern stuff requires completely different setups. Completely different maps, different counters, different match lengths, different tools. Its a completely different era and yet we get all this modern equipment shoe horned into modes designed for WW2.

At this point, the solution is probably just to add some game modes for the upper tier equipment. Maybe this is more Enduring Confrontation or maybe its some other combined arms arena style mode.

Either way, Gaijins gameplay is VERY shallow at the moment.



What I meant to say is that I felt that the rotation of countries does not seem to be at a random rotation, but a set, slightly biased arrangement of who goes together. I was also saying that even IF they were trying to base the grouping of countries off of realism that it wouldn’t work too well. I know of the non-aggression pact between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, but it did not last very long and other than that, they were not allied much besides some trade and few military deals in the 20s-30s (WWI they were not allies, most of WWII they were not allies, Cold War East Germany was not allied with West Germany who made the Cold War era tanks we see in the game, and present day where Germany is part of NATO so Russia is an enemy).

Thanks for pointing this out and yes, I do think this is also a good idea of what to do.

The purpose of this was not to make the low-tier Swedes suffer but to keep the mass amount of vehicles with high velocity, high penetration rounds like APDS or APFSDS (Not saying to keep HEAT out of lower tiers but that it goes along with APFSDS and APDS as the major types of ammunition used in the Cold War era) away from the majority of solid or filler shot rounds.

I know that the IS-3 was made before the T26E5 but even if they should be together because of time period and “realism”, which you said would not work in matchmaking, they did not have any involvement with each other and I would like to point out that the IS-3 cannot be penned almost anywhere by basically any solid shot in the game frontally let alone the T26E5 while it can pen lots with its 230mm of pen and 192.5g of TNT equivalent. I was just making a point of trying to let these ultra-heavy, hard-to-kill tanks not so close to the weaker, lower-tier ones.

“Too late to see combat in World War II, the IS-3 participated in the Berlin Victory Parade of 1945, in the border conflict during the Sino-Soviet split, the Soviet invasion of Hungary, the Prague Spring, on both sides during the Six-Day War, and in very limited capacity during the Russo-Ukraine War.”
IS-3 - Wikipedia.

What does K/L ratio have to do with its gameplay? I was just talking about them being used in what seems like an unconventional way in real life, but I guess people in the game aren’t risking their real lives so I guess I was just kinda talking BS.


I am pointing out Russia, but also and issue with Germany and the USA not having the right statistics making some vehicles too OP or too mediocre which I mentioned.

Agreed. This is classic German skill issue from new players just choosing Germany but then not using their tanks correctly or just being blind/deaf/stupid. My main problem is them getting to locations that can be hull down at the very beginning of the match and just camping the enemies who cant see where they are being shot from nor can they hit the very top of the m18.


I was just advising people that I am not a “God” at the game nor have I played for too long but I have been on here for long enough to make my conclusion. I am also not taking them as a face value, but as a reference.

My problem is just that the rotation is sort of skewed and does not seem to incorporate variety, much like you said.

Maybe hard-cutting an era and slapping it in is isn’t feasible, but maybe having a greater separation would be beneficial. Read what I said to Zendikar.

I had proposed having them be developed, but then put in some sort of rotation so every player can get a change to play them.


I will try to improve and use this as a draft or create a whole new thread (maybe). I needed some feedback on what people thought about how my ideas would work out and although I am not an original player, I felt I still had some idea of what needs to be fixed. I also feel that Gaijin is not only worried about making money but also just doesn’t want to take in all these suggestions and have to redesign the game. Thank you!


Agreed. CAS ITSELF may not be overpowered, but the mechanics MAKE it overpowered. Like I said in my original post, I feel that bombers should be more encouraged to be used as they were used in real life and they are rarely seen being used in ground RB where they would be fair. Fighters with these big bombs that are going 600kmh from a dive are almost impossible to shoot down. In real life bombers were shot down, but many were still able to drop their ordinance before, like paratroopers deploying from planes on D-Day then the planes being shot down. Planes fighting with guns is honestly more fair due to the need of skill although putting a plane like the Me-262 at 5.7 with a 50mm autocannon is annoying because it can snipe engines of vehicles for them to burn out and not get shot down because they are going 700kmh with WWII SPAA facing them (Even though the Me-262 was used as a strike aircraft, it was designed to be an interceptor in the beginning).


Thank you. Gaijin does have an issue developing variety in the game. Also, thank you for pointing out Phly’s ideology, which he is not my face value, not is any other creator. I was just pointing out some things and using him as a reference. Gaijin really needs to appreciate WWII vehicles by adding new ones and keeping the top tier ones balanced. The point of my saying “eras” was alluding to keeping each time period of tanks well acknowledged and keeping the difference of those periods of technological advancement smoother, and more balanced. Why can’t Gaijin add more variants or vehicles from WWII? They seem to mostly only take in suggestions from new high-tier vehicles or premiums to make some $$. It is very frustrating and the way to fix it is to speak out.

I digress.

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That’s more of an issue with balancing with only statistics in mind. Major nation players are often not as good as minor nation players, which causes some discrepancy in the BR.

We dont need to do that, though…? Most stuff with apds or heat is pretty balanced where it is, APHE is just generally better anyways.

It is random, its just that player counts affect it.

True, ingame role doesnt equal irl role.

In this case, though-

The hellcat is bonkers fast, even irl.

Compression issue, to be honest. And look- the heavy tanks existing is one of the reasons why we need high-penning rounds at their BRs.


That’s honestly the issue with Gaijin looking off of statistics from new, very bad players ruining the results and “effectiveness” of vehicles at their BRs. Minor nations are also made unappealing by Gaijin and should be more encouraged to play IMO.


Again, I was talking about those rounds being at 8.0-8.7 and if they were to get a downtier from to 7.0-7.7, where most of the last “heavy” tanks and solid/filler shot rounds are, they just render them obsolete and take over the game making it annoying and unfair. Like I have said, there is a problem with some BRs almost only getting uptiers and those BRs having to face rounds like that all the time makes the game a lot harder to play and enjoy. I never said that it isn’t balanced where HEAT and APDS is though, and APHE is generally better in lower tiers with lighter but relatively decent armor which allows for penetration and detonation (unless it is a very high caliber gun: ex. Russian 122mm or 130mm which is good at higher tiers).

Not sure why Gaijin has a problem decompressing BRs. Agreed on having those rounds, but some are at a much lower tier than they should be like the British who already have very good solid shot but then get APDS as low as 5.3 which is probably not needed.

We get APDS at 1.0. APDS is not new.

Necessary evil- that is why heavy tanks became obselete, and they still have good guns. K2H and such are still very good.


I know APDS is not new, I was just giving an example of an APDS that is lower tier but still effective. Swedish 37mm APDS doesn’t do much and it is at 1.0 so armor is thin and creates little spalling, unlike the British one with much more pen and faces more armor leading to more spalling.

This also proves my point that they should not be together as much IN the game. They do have good guns, but not usually enough to quickly pen a fast moving stabilized tank and find the weak spots before they are killed or disabled.

Brit APDS is fine, sweden gets its sniper APDS at 5.0 as well. Havent had any issues facing it, and again- armor shouldnt be invincible, and should be vulnerable to high pen rounds.

Honestly I dont see any real solution to this, given that they are needed to balance the heavies out. I do think decompression would help (limiting MM to 0.7 is a quick easy fix)