The game devs need to listen and community

I get it people say you trash and get good, skill issues, etc. but look at these years of this game and what changes the game has made to make it fun, realistic, etc. Nothing at all. they go backward and add stuff that should be in the game they don’t listen to the community since the progression of the game does the repair cost it is out of this world they force you to do pay 2 win method servers are trash and the battle rating doesn’t matter at all the ridiculous they don’t give a shit but want your money. That is why the game is dropping and the community starting to not care. Some stuff they do they best still not helping yall stressing yall own self out listen to community for once not when the repair cost problem like in general

Why should they? They don’t owe us anything, and I literally mean anything. This is a free to play game. 80-90% of their revenues comes from that 5% of players, (so called whales) who buy every single premium vehicle they release, no matter how shitty or useless.
We are little more than a cheap way for them to save money on developing adequate bot AI for this game as well as free testers that report bugs from new updates.

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Well, this has quite recently improved.

While i think one could pre-economy buff could say this, recently i dont think its much the case any more. Tho ground grind remains a bit slow compared to air.

The game is supposed to reward paying, and it does so in a fairly reasonable manner

Some of the BR decompression has been a nice change, and top tier developments have been fun, even if the maps lack spread out objectives to facilitate good gameplay. Thats just fairly recent stuff tho and seems they are on track to continue the decompression.

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Imagine if the devs listened to the community tho, the community is:
→ 90% are retarded
–>75% have skill issue
→ the rest that actually know what’s up are being pushed away, as always

Idk man, I wouldn’t want that. The people that do actually contribute have way too little following to make a difference ( no, CCs don’t count, most of em anyway) and well, it’s a company you’re trying to influence, money comes first, as always.


First and foremost this is a business to make money.
The More it makes, the greedier the board gets, they more they put out super Russian vehicles which they know will be bought hand over fist.
The more the game play imbalance becomes.

Secondly its descent into the ridiculous is almost to the point of matching Wargaming.
All it needs now is Gold Ammo.

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U right about that

Some people do throw out the skill issue as a troll at times as it’s hilarious to wind people up, but where do you end up ignoring the person who is genuinely saying you need to learn the game and get good at it?

Because that’s what I constantly face… When I try explain any mechanics in the game, they’re scoffed at and berated like I’ve offended people in some way or I get abused for being a knowitall, talking too often, or just straight up ignored to let the whinge and moan continue…

People only want to hear what they want to hear, and with this game, and it’s new players, they often get the non-serious advice before they get real advice.

That’s why people who add me as a friend and actually even have a few games with me, stick around… They get shown little things about the game that make it easier to handle, a different mindset about the idea that to kill you have to take a death, and that it’s just a game…

While people will be upset about the servers, the game, the vehicles that got them, it doesn’t make me saying that you, as a new player, aren’t as good as some of the rest of us, and the information you’ve been given is often wrong.

Like players who think they are angling because they got told it’s a set degrees and only that, but they’re actually making it easier for them to be penned because they are leaving the drivers slot open, to the engine and that makes them a sitting duck after the first hit.

The urge to say the game is broken, unfair, and pay2win ignores all the premise of actually knowing what you’re doing because you are fixated on what killed you, not how you can survive something.

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