The game become boring and unsafe place

I play many times to know what to collect to buy a new tank. The rewards are not enough for someone from a developing country. I cannot buy tanks or anything paid for in the game. I play to have fun in my free time and not to suffer from mental illness. Even when I buy boxes, I don’t get anything from them except loss, but when I see a lot of premium players on YouTube and others from the second or third box, they get tanks or things that have value and can be used. Because of all this, I have become more nervous and have insomnia because the game has now become an unsafe place and just a waste of time

If a videogame affects your real life, you better give it a break…
Honest advice…


If a loot box in a virtual game affect u that much irl then i think u have a bigger problem dude


Well, I have seen spend 31 million and get two 4.7 premiun. In a game of chance it is normal to lose.

Honestly, in a game with minors there should be none of this. The fact that it is bought with silver lions is no excuse.


oh, perhaps only those with problems will play this game, for example, I have little social life D:

You can try to play the game at your own pace and set realistic goals for yourself. Don’t compare yourself to others and don’t let the game bait you. If that does not work and you are not having fun, do not play the game. It’s the only reasonable conclusion. As you said, you are playing to have fun, this is not your job and you did not sign any contract that forces you stay.

F2P games are most often predatory in nature. They are not necessarily made with the customer’s enjoyment in mind. They are a service that is meant to generate profit, and addicted / frustrated players are much better customers than those who have fun. After all; if you enjoy yourself, why would you want to change anything and spend money to do so?

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Most of the videos you saw online that win “interesting stuff” from “second or third chest” may have been edited and cherry-picked. Sure, there are a few lucky ones, but most of the time it is just for the mood and enjoyment. I mean, if you have a couple of million silver lions to spare, it would be wonderful to take a shot at those rare event vehicles, no matter how slim the chances. I have obtained a couple of event vehicles from chests before, but it was through opening hundreds, if not thousands, of chests.

Treat a game as a game. Warthunder is not a job. Winning or losing in virtual world shouldn’t affect your real life. If such mere things are affecting you then you should seek help. I’m being serious, mental health should be taken seriously.

Also dont gamble

Warthunder is not a game where you can turn off your brain and relax. All multiplayer games can be frustrating some times.

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Please confirm that this is a joke. If not, then then maybe it’s time to cull the herd and remove warning labels - validating Darwin.

Boring most definitely, it is the definition of boring and stagnant. An unsafe place well not really by definition, but it depends on how you classify unsafe, being physically harmed no chance of that happening unless you divulge information to strangers which is not a smart move.
Mentally unsafe yes for sure depending on your mental set-up and strength, a lot of chat abuse definitely and not much is done about it which can impact some individuals, predatory selling and advertising, FOMO, playing on personality weaknesses again a definite yes, the company may be no worse or no better than others but it uses the psychology tools just as effectively and brutally as any psychopath mentally tormenting its victims.

The game IS technically “Free” to pay…

Being able to tolerate WT probably should count as a mental illness.

I’m from a developing country as well yet I didnt face any issues with the economy. Warthunder is much more rewarding than what it used to be 2/3 years ago. If you know what you are doing then you dont need to pay a single penny.

Take some brakes bro. You are playing 200+ matches in a week. That’s crazy!


That is rather hectic. 289/7=~41, and from there if it’s even 20 minutes per match, that’s almost non-stop play.

Unless they are ODLing…

Imagine spending 13+ hours on WT per day. No wonder why he is suffering from mental illness.

No one should play anything for that long.

Well, I seen a ‘player’ get to level 100 in 10days. They also missed being banned and erased too.

I thought about trying that with my “guest” account.
But then I sobered up.

What you really do is set up your game to run in your lounge, and pass the controller to whoever is awake.

One time LONG ago I did a 72 hour gaming stint, and man that was intense… Totally faceplanted the keyboard and droolled a bit.

Or your “call center” when some of your “workers” aren’t working a scam call.

Ahhh yes, the old pig butchering center.