The fun of arcade!

I just got my Imp Chapparal and decided to play a bit of arcade for fun and boy has it been an absolute blast using it and the M247 to just swat aircraft out of the sky. Anyone else enjoy the fun of using anti-air platforms when you can instantly locate the planes? Yea, getting splatter bombed sometimes is pretty bleh but just throwing up missiles and HE-VT on planes that go right for you is just to easy.

Nope, SPAAs gameplay doesn’t appeal me one bit, I’ve tried to use them properly but ended up doing it just for the sake of the team while not enjoying myself, the only one that gave me several nukes was the Falcon, and you know I weren’t killing CAS lol. Maybe one day I will find the fun using them for what they are designed to do. I also have bad experience with the two USSR SPAAs, the Shilka and Yenisei, both are pretty horrendous compare to Gepards variants. Maybe I still need to learn how to lead to offset the 200 ping I has, sometimes it doesn’t make any sense to miss certain air targets especially in 1km

I’ve been enjoying the radar guided gun SPAA for counter helicopter, but I’ve quickly learned that the Chaparral is for jets and not helicopters. I’m starting to think arcade is going to be a bit more fun and effective to spade the SPAA instead of going AT with them. I may have been having so much fun because I usually don’t play arcade and the change of pace is kind of fun.

I haven’t got the Shilka, but the Yenisei has been workable for me. The worst part is the absolute lack of ammunition that really hurts it. I prefer it over the M163 anyday since the M163’s radar couldn’t lock onto a B-29 at 500m.

HE-VT is amazingly fun in arcade, especially on high caliber guns.

Bkan best AA at 7.0 arcade on god

yeah, its actually pretty fun because you dont die to cas 90% of the time. As long as you have a good missile SPAA like a strela then the skies will be clear throughout the match.

The key is is to use IR SPAA strictly for planes and manually guided missiles for helicopters. You gotta watch out though because sometimes the IR missiles wont fire if they just spawned for some reason, but it doesnt really happen often

I didn’t even think about using the 155s, I’ll have to try that tonight.

Personal recommendation is the BKan, 3.2s reload goes hard.

Iirc the SAV 20.12.48. could use proxy irl, which would be hilarious to see ingame.