The fix for top tier Air RB

Honestly feel like this one is pretty straight forward.

I think right now, Air RB is a absolute mess because its a head-on 16v16 match. It’s A vs B.
My suggestion? Lower to 10vs10 and go the way of EC maps.
As in - multiple airfield spawns!!
Why is this not a thing already. Spread the map out horizontally, make it 3 airbases vs 3 air bases, 10 people on each team, that way it’s not one giant furball but a spread out engagement that lends itself well to BVR.

It also means planes like Tornado GR.1 stand a better chance of dropping off ordinance on targer without being locked by 16 F-14s.
Bombers can flank, fighters can intercept, map size remains big but spread out the objectives and spawns so the increase in map size matters.
Right now, all they did was make you spawn further away, but still head on.

It’s dumb.

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Thanks for this hope They change it