The filling of M1 should be optional

The filling of M1 should be optional,When loading ammunition in 5S, the explosion-proof door should be set to the open state. The tail compartment of m1 will explode with ammunition. When the loading time is 6S, the tail compartment will be closed and will not be exploded with ammunition

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Because iirc, IRL you need to have the doors open to reload in 5s.


It’s not real life though, is it? It’s a game. They didn’t have an M1 in Normandy in 1944 facing the combined force of the Swedish and Chinese Army to my knowledge.


The Second World War was not just about the Western Front, but also about the Eastern Front of Germany/Soviet Union and the Asian Front of China/Japan…

And the M1 was used there? Just like in the game? Wow it’s so realistic.


IRL you have to open the door to load at all.
“Lap loading” 120mm caseless is… frown upon.

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Sorry, this is my translation issue,Speaking of which, it is precisely because this is a game that requires balance, and gaijin is holding the banner of realism, why not?

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This is the case for literally any manual loader, and the door is not to stay open, or be laploaded.

Maybe for a 3s manual reload, but the door is not heavy or cumbersome.

But then lets look at how russian tanks have fully exposed ammo and that never detonates

Yeah. We arent even ready to open this can of worms because itll be done Horribly and western MBTs will ammo det 10x as much as russian ones even more than what we have now

Since Gai Jin has interviewed the M1 fleet and learned from the fleet that the fastest normal process is 6S, but Gai Jin has increased the loading time in the game to 5S without any information, can it be considered that the loader did not follow the prescribed process and instead carried out loading without closing the explosion-proof door?

I am not sure who they interviewed, id be curious to see this interview. 6s should be the standard qualification, not standard loading. I.e, you literally cant be a loader if you can make the bare minimum of 6s

The expectation is 8.58 RPM, or 7 seconds.

Yes the m1 was used in ww2… m1 garand

Wasnt m1 also a helmet?

And a jeep?

I whole heartedly disagree but go off.