The F7F-1 is insufferable garbage, why is it at 6.3? thing literally has zero performance whatsoever

the f7f is very bad; it handles like a bus, it doesn’t have energy retention, it doesn’t have engine power (of which they have worse thermodynamics than those on the ki83 lol) it is slow and overall awful across all the 5.3-7.3 BR, Oh, and it has a ridiculously low no exceed velocity for what it is. Are we having the same “peace time-war time” issues as with other stuff like the sea fury? My guess is to move that thing to 5.7 because it has no use at all at air RB.

It’s got powerful guns.

Due to the nature of the average ARB player, having guns that allows a plane to on average win a full commit head on will give said plane a much higher BR than what is expected from actual flight performance.

That’s it. It’s why planes like the J21 sit at 4.3 when even at 3.0 their flight performance was nothing special.


makes sense, i suck at head ons hence why I do so bad on the plane whose only advantage is head ons 💀

Ain’t this already got a thread earlier on the month?

Why spamming?


you know you are on the right to ignore spam, right?

why point it out? Are you terminally online or do you crave attention? or both?

No that’s you.


Cause that’s what he does.


I just write and leave, sometimes might watch from the distance and answer whoever says what I think it’s the most stupid thing.

You need to stay in the forum to actually get news of what’s going on. Notice how most of my activity lies within my own posts while Bel only wrote 3 posts and answered 2400 times, while I created 122 topics and answered 722, thus barely leaving an average of 7 answers per topic except that one where i left 90 answers on “airfield camping k4”. This means essentially Bel spends most of their time on the forum answering everywhere while I spend most of my time rebutting stupid points from clueless low-mid tier players like you that come to my profile going ad hominem beforehand without even addressing my topic.

It’s his full time job lol

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Isn’t this a mid-lowtier plane? So there for your going to be talking to a lot of mid to low tier players?

I’m saying they’re objectively bad.

i like how you swing sides regardless who’s right or wrong. Like how you drastically changed when I said that I got a 7 kill game on f8f and you said i should not complain about it.

Not my F*kn problem, same as how am I getting mere “hits” with four an-m3s point blank on zeroes.

Well yes, I got that…


I have no side here or in the f8f post. I use neither aircraft so I don’t care about them. In the f8f one my first comment was about a waddling duck f8f, and when you said you had a good game in it, but were still complaining then I said that no one was going to take you seriously…

The magic of war thunder lol :)

so therefore I did say that everyone would take you seriously if you’re doing good; Defyn gets 7 kills on f8f-1b consistently and he says it’s horrible at handling. I average 3 kills per game with it and scored many aces, three days ago I got an 8 kill game. How? By spraying everyone like an unhinged hose. You can’t really handle the f8f, it’s like flying a damaged aircraft.

Well that depends on what your arguing…

Lol, sounds like early spitfires too.

I believe you, I’ve tried it a few times, and don’t even get me started on that damn engine. I don’t like the F8F either, so if you want my opinion there it is. I was just saying that if you say it’s bad, but then say you got a 7 kill game, most people will not take your argument seriously

dies in 5.3 J21

And it’s in the rules not to spam, therefore you’re a rule-breaker.

To get it closed,… as was the previous one.

I “crave” no attention,…
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I just happenned to check forum on my lunch break, and saw that you were again spamming your thread with no evidences,… and that this one was previously closed.

I’m well aware. ^^"