The F7F-1 is insufferable garbage, why is it at 6.3? thing literally has zero performance whatsoever

In all seriousness though, it might have to do with GRB. It has 1000lb of bombs, plus 20’s and .50’s. It’s also somewhat fast, so that too

If you want 1000 lb bombs, you have the F8F-1B.

If you want 20 mm, you have the… F8F-1B.

If you want speed, you have… well now it’s just getting annoying.

If you want .50 cals, you have the… wait, why would you want .50 cals when you already have US 20 mm?

lol, but does the F8F have two engines XD

I agree with your main point, but the J21 is definitely worthy of 4.3 imo.

It’s got below average flight performance in every way. Guns are absolutely the only reason why they sit at 4.3.

Idk the J21 is a beast in the air tbh, even flight performance wise. I’ve beaten people I shouldn’t have in turn fights before.

When I played US props a while back (like a year back probably), J21’s stomped on everyone in the lobby.

I’ve beaten a Ki-61 in a duel with the MiG-3 in ARB.

Beating random players in random situations doesn’t really amount to anything.

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No but I am saying that whatever the stats say isn’t necessarily true as it can pretty reliably turn with 109s and in perfect cases Spits. Again, it’s a perfect 4.3, and it’s perfect for more than just because of its guns