The F-16AJ

Why does Japan get the F-16AJ and not the Mitsubishi F-2?

The F-2 has a AESA radar

So, a technology they can’t add as it’s too new and classified?

There are other vehicles that use AESA/PESA radars IRL and they aren’t really modelled in game

I think the AESA objection is pretty flimsy. Gaijin can model it anyway they choose, including as a PD radar.

The F-16 AJ was copy paste and the F-2 is a unique model.


A fictional copy-paste placeholder hopefully.

I doubt it’s an issue of modeling it, just an issue of taking the time to overhaul the radar system and introduce entirely new mechanics.

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Cause the F-2 would be 13.3, and the F-16AJ is 12.0.

Okay, that’s not really a reason, but whatever.

Watch them add F-2 in next update at 12.7

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So when will Gaijin add the missing extra 2x AIM-7s to the F-16 AJ where the gears are at?

Means nothing in terms of our game.

Hopefully, not at all, as we would get the F-2 by then. (Which btw is passed to the devs right now)

Not to mention much more advanced weapons than the AJ, notably, the AAM-4 ARH missile roughly equivalent to the AIM-120C-5

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