The Extreme Summer Event So extreme I must talk about it

Everybody, I have a question Why I must wait 8 to 10 minutes before I get into the game? I use a Ki 21 Hei event plane BR 2.0. It takes maybe 15 to 20 games to get a Star But the waiting time is 8 to 10 minutes. I tested it out with a rank 3 or 4 and it was only a few seconds. Why do I need to wait so long?

Most people don’t play BR 2.0 during an event because typically you need rank III+

No, event planes starting with rank one can be used.

Yes, but not many people have and low tier is boring and give poor rewards for the event

I hear you!
I was trying out a new nation, Italy… and stuck on the rank II…

I can confirm higher BRs work much faster. As you can see, enough people waiting in the queue. So maybe… priority is dependant on BR?

Try using more servers if you have to play lower tiers and getting long wait times.

Hi Razielkane, look at this video and tell me what you think. I have Glass wire internet. Ping 10 and no Packet loss. I am sure Gaijin does something to make my mind blow up.

It was allways ok but since the event 8 to 10 minutes wait time. I use Europe, USA and Russia.

average of 2500 points seems ok. look at the first two games. besides that I don’t have the strength of the most players anymore that’s why I like to play bombers the most. 71 year old

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Almost every plane in rank one bomber or fighter. But as of 16:00 it seems to be normal again first was 4 seconds second was 2,5 minutes and the third was 2 seconds. My conclusion is it was on purpose.

Now after the event, all is normal. The wait is from 1 second to 19 seconds again.
So it has to be deliberate action. We wait for the next event and see if they make this mistake again.