The Endless farm Bots in Naval

This has been on going for a very long time now, majority of teams are just useless bots that cant even path past the first rock, its so miserable looking at 80% of your team all sailing into the same rock, you cant even report them. Max of 5 reports every 6 hours, come on, we need to submit 20 reports per game and then most importantly BAN THE BOTTER ACCOUNTS ONCE WE DO


Just give up and switch to AB. I did. No complaints.

FYI, you have to use server replay reporting to report bots (or any non-text violation) because GM needs to check specific battle replay to confirm these reports, in-game profile reporting won’t help.

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Wasn’t for bots you could have a birthday waiting for a game to que up, they are filler.


There is no evidence of anyone ever being banned for naval botting.

As the mods have said many times, there’s nothing in any individual replay that can prove a player was 24/7 afk botting, or just playing bad. The only way to prove that is to look at the 100+ games per day continuous they do, which takes it out of the scope of the people empowered to review the replays.

Exactly and thats the problem, they month after month no bans so more people start to jump on the botting bandwagon

I am 99% Naval player and it’s getting very VERY frustrating the amount of users with modified game mechanics, to be consistently hammered and sunk by several bots at the same time is going to force me to quit the game altogether because enough is enough!!
Ingame MODS would be one way of dealing with these cheats, similar to other games with game mods able to watch all game play and deal with cheats!

So just like Groung Realistic lol

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How about when the botting script breaks and keeps typing in chat the keystokes for botting? Guess what, that wasn’t considered a proof either. I’ll post a screenshot when I get home.

10k+ games per month is pretty suspicious (especially with lower than 0.05 K/D ratio)

10k+ games per month where ‘player’ keeps repeating the same thing again and again and again, with no deviation from the script at all should certainly be enough to be considered suspicious even by ‘people empowered to review replays’

bombers trying to rush to nearest bombing base in air RB and then being stuck in bomb view for the rest of the battle, flying from map border to map border, without taking any action or ever even looking around … and doing this on full repeat for 24+ hours straight … again, not difficult to detect

lemming train of bomb-carrying russian helicopters in heli PvE, following each other and all trying to bomb the same base from 6km, that can easily be baited by leaving the base at last bit of health & waiting for the lemming train to arrive, kill the base and watch the whole lemming train zombie-shuffle to next base where you can do the same thing … that one is ridiculously easy to detect, even with ONE battle

and the list could go on and on …

if there are only players the game will be even more frustrating, e.g. in the battleship room, you may spend 5+ mins shooting enemy battleships with hits and cracked ammo in a second. the reward will be miserable, few thousand rp and massive negative sl is the only thing you will get. naval itself is already broken a long time ago.

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The forum isn’t a place to discuss potential rule breaking behavior in game.

Please use the server replay report option if you think a player needs to be reviewed by the game masters.