The effective way to increase win rate of america top tier is remove disgusting cloud in ground battle

if you play top tie ground battle for several times, you can easily understand the advtange of amercian is its cas, instead of confront with BVM or try to attack enemy’s back with its remarkable engine sound. if gaijin want to increase amercian battle performance to sell more gold tank pack. increase shoot rate of abrams is of little help, which decrease the advantage of amercian and make abrams more similar to other NATO tanks, which is really boring. i really wonder that is the game developer really play this game? or just being arrangant to happliy seeing player suffering? none of this action will increase players’s positive attitude toward this game and lead to poor benefits.

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Rofl. America are brawlers

The best way to improve win rate for USA ground is for skilled players to play USA.


keep cope.

If “skilled players” refuse to play USA doesn’t that signify there is a problem and the nation is weak? Logic 101.

No, because skilled players played USSR for years even though T-80BVM is a middle of the line tank & Sweden had the best tanks in the game for top BR, with USA as best CAS.