The devs should be forced to grind all the events on live stream

So they can see how stupid is it this idea or making events to grind 35k points every two days like nobody have a life to mind and play war thunder 24/7.
What is the point of making events the majority of the player base can’t do it?


Zrzut ekranu 2024-06-07 122522
I am doing it for every event, so, what’s now?
If you want to discuss specific event, please use already created thread.


it does, I must admit, feel a bit disparaging to be asked to grind 35k over 2 days for a Rank 2. Honestly events with “meme” vehicles (like the Tog, Churchill AVRE, stuff that is likely going to be very difficult to make viable but also potentially very funny) should have a lower point cost. That way everyone can enjoy the funny

I have no idea what you do Irl Stona, but I find it difficult to study/have a job and grind.


I largely split the grind up to two days, so 17.5k per day in this event’s case. Using 4.7 vehicles and what I’d think is fairly average ability (in some matches I do well and get like 6 kills, other times I get one and get like 800 mission score by the end), it takes 2-3 hours per day. So it’s not impossibly tedious but I can see the mental fatigue accumulating in the coming 11 days.


I wish my day had 30 hours like yours in order to waste 3 playing war thunder for a whole week.


You can thank my lopsided sleep schedule for that. But yeah, not ideal in the grand scheme of things, but just saying how things usually go on my end, as someone who isn’t at the point where I can just breeze through the event without working for it.

It’s doable. 35K is definitely doable. But for a rank 2 it’s also kind of insane.