The current ground battles are too unreasonable

The current ground battles are too unreasonable.

Ground battles need a straight-lined smoke artillery support request can be rotated.

Or a lot of detours heading to capture point must be added, where can’t be sniped.

Then Ultra-low risk but middle return with just a little skill- ”Anyway you MUST come to me first” problem will be solved.

The Ariete and merkava series are Self-propelled anti-tank gun with the same SP as the MBT in the current ground battles.

This is because their armor is too thin to call as a MBT, and they are too slow and heavy to call as a light tank.
But is their performace good as ordinary SPATG(having excellent AP rounds or fast reloading speed)?

No. Because they have ordinary APFSDS&reloading speed. (And Ariete’s gunner optic has 8.0x-12.0x zoom, So Ariete is also not good in close-range combat.)

So they are bad performanced Self-propelled anti-tank gun.

If Gaijin is not going to reduce the reloading time of the Ariete and Merkava series, it’s right to lower the BR if they don’t load good performanced APFSDS.

And the ground battles have too little reward, so I don’t want to play and grind anymore.

I can’t deny that the ground battles have a higher kill potential than the air RB.

But I think Gaijin thinks that all players always make at least 7 kills and victory. But in reality, People also do 2 assists and 3 deaths and suffer a defeat.

Let’s not forget that if we have unlucky day(For example, Suffer the defeat because meeing bad skilled teammates too often), then we will make little progress for researching ground trees due to small rewards.

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