The current Air realistic battle is too unreasonable

The current Air realistic battle is very unreasonable.

In order to eliminate the irrationality of the Air RB, the following must be done-

  1. Air RB needs to increase the maximum br to 13.7.

  2. All of aircrafts which can meet ARH missiles must have flare and chaff by default, but MAW and BOL(or additional countermeasure pods) do not need to have by default.

  3. All current 13.0 br stock aircrafts must be installed 2 IRCCM IR missiles or 2 ARH missiles as standard. (If ARH missiles are not provided for stock aircrafts, BR is must be varied depending on whether ARH missiles are installed or not.)

Now I’ll explain you the reason.

  1. The engine of the MiG-29 SMT is too bad at middle and high altitudes, so it can’t be on par with the F-16C. However, The MiG-29 SMT’s br never needs to be down. So, it’s right that the br of the F-16C and F-15C MSIP goes up.

1-1. The R-77 has a huge drag because of the grid pin of the missile. So when the motor of the missile turned off, the missile’s flying range gets severely shorter due to the huge drag. So R-77 is about three to eight seconds later than AMRAAM to reach the target.

1-1-1. So it’s right that the br of the F-16C and F-15C MSIP must goes up, because they have AMRAAM. (R-77 is still much better than SAHR, so if the MiG-29 SMT’s br goes down, the F-15A and MiG-29 SMT will have an unfair fight.)

1-2. The current Air RB’s br is over-compressed.

  1. Aircrafts without chaff are will be unilaterally slaughtered by ARH missiles. Aircrafts without chaff are no different from human who have no basic human rights, property, and nationality.
    Therefore, aircrafts(starting at 12.0br) that frequently go to 13.0br, must be given chaff by default. because ARH missiles are common in 13.0 battles.

  2. Stock aircrafts must be provided with two IRCCM IR missiles or two ARH missiles.
    (If ARH missiles are not provided for stock aircraft, BR must vary depending on whether ARH missiles are installed.)
    Because if aircrafts have no ARH missiles, they will be unilaterally slaughtered.
    And in the current battle of 13.0 br can’t even use basic tactics without ARH missiles, and stock aircrafts have to wait for their enemy’s mistake for a too long time.
    In prop battle, at least if the stock plane rises to high altitude, it is easy to attack the spaded plane who flying in the low altitude.

  3. Gaijin needs to reduce the number of players participating per battle.
    Then “Rise to the high altitude from the start and run away after spamming the ARH missiles without skill” tactic’s kill potential will be reduced.
    Because for make use of various tactics except “spamming ARH missiles in high-altitude and run away”, random variables must be reduced.

  4. F-14 Tomcat series’ br needs a nerf.
    Because the F-14 often encounters MiG-23ML&MLA&MLD, Mirage F1, and F-4J&S who have too bad RWR performance, and F-14 makes them suffer too much.


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