The correct way to add subtrees for the upcoming FRANCE-BENELUX

There’s plenty that the UK has that could have been added in place of everything South Africa added.
The only useful gap they filled was with the JAS39.


Did you even read OP’s post?
This is about what BeNeLux can bring if it’s actually thought out and implemented well, while trimming off as much unnecessary fat as possible.

The fact is additions like the Leopard 2 and F-16 are entirely unnecessary.


VFM5 was already added to Britain before Rooikats were.
Olifant Mk2 augmented the already existing Chieftain Mk10.
TTD is a worse Vickers Mk7.
G6 augmented FV4005.
Ratal 90s? Warrior.

And Benelux?
Leopard 2A4 augments AMX-40.
2A6 at most augments Leclercs, and I won’t be getting that one.
F-16? They’ll be the same BRs as the Mirage 2000s that are already added. Well except Mirage 20005F since that’s getting MICA EM.
NF-5A? Mirage 3E is already present and is better.
Leopard 1 Cockerill? AMX-30B2.
Mirage 5BA? IDK what this has, but there are a ton of strike aircraft from 10.0 - 11.3 already. That and it’s also French origin.
Fokker G1? Sounds like a prop, France already has among the best props.

Nothing in the sub-tree is new to France as a vehicle class.
They physically cannot prevent domestic options as the domestic options are already in the tech tree.

The myth that sub-trees prevent domestic options is getting old.
I for one anticipate a 10.3 lineup for France for the first time.
Sure, France has some domestic options for an 11.0 lineup later on, none of these additions are going to create an 11.0 lineup though.

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Ngl I want this tbh

adding what is basically a German tech tree to France is the worst idea I have seen this game implement since F&F CAS


With how homogenized the tech trees are becoming, we might as well become a more realistic Armored Warfare.

South Africa occupies the entire 5th like of UK ground.
Maybe do some research on the topic you’re arguing, this just seems nonsensical now.


It’s quite literally just 2 tanks. 2A4 and 2A6, and 2A4 is the only useful one.

Did you just learn that?
That’s the only reason I can think of to bring that up…

at least they’re not copy pasted, they’re new designs that weren’t in game

but then staying with your idea, since we can add anything in the trees, I would like a Pantsir because Russia and France are on the same continent and an Abrams because the USE and France are on the same planet.

If we start mixing all the trees the game no longer makes sense. Personally I play a lot in simulation and it’s already starting to be hell, when you play an F-16 you face F-16s, the same for the Migs-29 and the F-15. I enjoyed playing France because at least I knew which side I was in,

why is it that every time I see your PFP all I can hear is slurping sounds? Has Gaijin ever done anything you disagree with?

France already has a Pantsir equivalent.
Also welcome to war games… real militaries have to deal with seeing like-equipment during their training too.

They’ve done plenty I and ten-thousands have disagreed with, and they’ve changed over 80% of what I and thousands of others correctly critiqued about.

I’ve made stupid critiques and that backfired, or I changed my mind after reflecting on said critiques.

It’s weird how whenever you watch a YouTube video criticizing War Thunder all you hear is slurping though; you should get that checked.


The problem is now that you’re opinion seems poorly informed and you’re just arguing for the sake of it.

Most of what you said is redundant to each other or doesn’t compare.
The Leopard 1 31105 is nowhere near the AMX-30B2.

The NF-5A is arguably the better addition compared to the F-16. It would serve best as a squadron or ge premium.
While there’s no purpose to F-16 or Leopard 2 copy paste. They’re far to redundant to be meaningful additions, which is why we’re so against them as additions.

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And it does. A Leopard adds significantly more diversity and flavour to the tree than “six Leclerc prototypes”.


I’m currently banging my head against my desk.

it is true that the number of Leopards and F16s in France has been constantly increasing in recent years, especially since there have been no NATO bases since 1967


I hate that post, but it’s correct…

We said diversity, not copy pasted vehicle, look at what was done with south africe, that was a great addition, new vehicle and they ony add one plane cause they didn’t have any other choice


France has Leclercs and does not have Leos, this is very much increasing diversity.

After seeing the BENELUX subtree on another topic, I don’t see the point of connecting it to the French tree.

There is only a small portion of French vehicles (air and ground), especially compared to the German equipment.

And these vehicles will not fill any gaps in the French techtree.

In my opinion, there are three 3 gaps in the French ground tech tree:
-BR 7.X for SPAA
-BR 9.X for light tanks
-BR 10.x for medium, light and SPAA tanks.
The inventory of real French equipments exists to fill these gaps.

In addition, vehicles of purely BENELUX design and use are few in number in this tree proposal.

Finally, I’m not sure that players who want this equipment first want to play the French techtree. Something tells me that some people would prefer the German nation.

Subtrees become a headache, and break the principle of techtree nation.

Either we break this nation system and we go through research via industrial or kinship between materials.

Either the “exotic” hardware is offered to everyone, until all the hardware in the world is implemented and we are able to make 193 different techtrees.

Either we offer tech trees by nation but with bridges during major political changes in the country or offer to switch nation/maker with the rank change. A bit like Israel.


The USA does not have a T-80, let’s add some in this case. The original idea of the trees is to have vehicles representative of their countries, and unless I am mistaken, the Leopard does not represent France at all.

And in itself adding a leopard, it’s not even about diversity, it’s not as if France didn’t have any lightly armored tank whose gameplay is based on mobility, if it had been a heavy tank or not very mobile it would have been diversity


You are right, the France doesnt any leopards or F16s, but something unique.
Gaijin tries to give them leopards just for escaping some issues on leclercs, fix leclercs and no any leopards, there are much enough leopards in WT.
Same, F16s are also unnecessary, Mirages armed better missiles like IR Mica, but hmmm, everyone knows, since the Mica the Fox 3 is about to introduce, so adding IR Micas to Mirages is a very good idea than these American made ones, which is more advenced and adopted in WT today.
Otherwise, there’s a much better idea than Gaijin’s, add Holland to Germany not France so that German gets what they need like f16, AH64 Apache and even one more leoprad2A6+.