The consistent and never ending uptiers are so demoralizing

I know this is probably post 16 for the day, but please - you have to rethink your approach to BR. 19/20 games in full uptiers is crushing. There are so many places in the tree where it is particularly evident: stabilisers, laser range finders, reactive armour etc.

I would GLADLY wait to play more balanced games. Hard lock to 50/50 up and down tiers. Limit the range to .7? Consider where the dramatic techs are introduced. I really think that beyond everything, this is the biggest issue with the game. It simply isn’t fair to come up against a player in a 1.0 higher tank that has 20,000 more games than you.

I wonder how many hundreds or thousands of players have given up early because they consistently come up against tanks they can’t harm, and who can one shot them, and they just stop playing. My mate and I are trying to grind the Italian line and it has been agonizing. If I was a new player I would definitely not stick it out. I quit 3x before finally being willing to get into it properly.