The Conqueror APDS Underperforming

The Conqueror’s round is underperforming, It never seems to be able to pen anything even slightly angled reliably, it has better angle performance on the stat card then for example the T-44-100 with 80 at 60 degrees and the conqueror with 136 at 60 degrees, the screen shots attached are the conqueror and the T-44-100 shooting at the Centurion mk10 with 76mm of hull armor front on, as you can see the t-44-100 can pen but the Conqueror cannot.
Screenshot 2023-06-28 140742Screenshot 2023-06-28 140854


Russian APHEBC gets heavy slope normalization because reasons.


Is the stat card not correct then? Also The Centurion can pen it self with 134 at 60 degrees

The Centurion Mk.10 has double layered armor on the UFP and right now early APDS loses more penetration against layered armor and specifically spaced armor. It basically causes them to lose more leftover penetration than other rounds.

Doesn’t seem like protection analysis can actually show this interaction right now. Hopefully Gaijin fixes it.

Edit: I’ll add the changelog so hopefully my comment is more understandable.

  • Destruction mechanics of APDS and APCR rounds have been changed. Now, the projectile doesn’t destroy with impact, but loses armour piercing capability depending on thickness of the first armoured obstacle, as well as in the spaces between armoured elements affected.
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yeah but the centurion mk10 can pen it self with apds

The Centurion Mk 10 has more advanced APDS. L28/M392/DM13 (all the same just different counties with licensed production) has a tungsten alloy tilt cap and as such performs better against not only angled armor but also spaced armor.

APDS rounds like 105 mm M728 and m/66 and 120 mm L15 outright don’t have any of these issues. Their cores are made of tungsten heavy alloy rather than tungsten carbide, so they don’t shatter and fracture on post penetration like tungsten carbide cored APDS rounds.


yeah I understand that but it has worse angle performance 134 at 60 degrees compared to the conquerors 136 at 60 degress

The point is that the Conqueror APDS is a very early core design. There’s basically nothing protecting the tungsten carbide core when hitting armor, so against spaced and multilayered armor it just doesn’t work well.

L28 improves this by having the tungsten alloy nose pad in front of the core, also called tilt pad. And L52/M728/m/66 improves on it further by having a tungsten alloy core.

Edit: Still, Gaijin should probably work on making it more clear about how much penetration the APDS/APCR is losing after going through a plate of armor. Just seeing red in protection analysis when the round has more pen than what is stated in the effective protection is very confusing.

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honestly the conqueror just feels really bad to play since the changes to apds

Did they ever fix the armor? That’s from like 2018.
Always feels like a neglected vehicle, I remember shooting an R3 with it center mass and it did nothing.

All APDS just got nerfed through the floor and through the foundations beneath that. From what I understand, its better to take Solid Shot now instead of Sabot due to the nerfs. They have in essence, deleted that shell from the game and left all british tanks at that BR struggling even more than they were before. It is a real shame

Yeah the armor is good, but you cant kill most tanks reliably cause of the shattering and poor post pen damage

Had to double check, still not fixed.

i mean i almost always get lowerplated plus idealy you get held down

Yeah, but lower plate is 76mm angled, you shouldn’t get lolpenned in a heavy tank by an SPAA frontally.


I mean the zsu should not be 7.0 it should be 8.0 atleast

The BR is always questionable, but even at 8.7 it would run into a Conqueror and lolpen it, basically anything in the game would when it has 76mm of armor.

I mean if they even knew about it in the first place

I first reported this in 2018, likely an issue since 2015, so people have had plenty of time to learn about it at least. Only good thing is that the Conqueror has been 15-20k SL to repair for a shitbox with shit ammo and shit armor so it’s not been common enough for people to run into it too often.
Plus a lot of things can just pen it anywhere else anyways.

I’ve tried to give it some love, but with it’s slow reload, underwhelming shot, and bad armor I’ve given up. I’d rather roll my Falcon out, where at least I have a chance to rain down some hate on the enemy team whether they’re on the ground or in the air. RIP.