The Chieftain MK3/5 and MK10 has different turret armor?

I have some questions bro, in terms of overall protection, does the MK10 really offer a noticeably better turret protection than the MK3/5 variants? and how about the Khalid?

the Mk10 has composite put on the outside of the turret which apparently havent played it yet makes it way better in hull down positions

The rubber in the mk10 is for bouncing incoming shots 😆

Yes. Mk 10 turret, unlike Mk 3/5, can tank reliably most APFSDS found at his BR (3BM25, 3BM22, M735, DM33) and with some luck those of top tier guns (3BM42).

The Khalid uses the same armor than the Mk.5, so no, it can’t tank any 105/125mm APFSDS or even HEAT.