The Chat being anti-semetic again

So, the war thunder in game chat as we all know, has always been really racist and anti-semetic…
But, in the recent war, the anti-semetic comments have started to appear like crazy.
For example: If your take an Israeli plane, it wont take that long to start seeing some racist stuff thrown at you. And, it has gotten to the point where in some games, people have started to wish for a someone from ww2 (The Austrian Painter) to come back to life and do his things… I know that people are going to call me off here, but something has to be done about this stupid shit.
And no, don’t tell me: “Then why don’t you stop the war?!” Because that ain’t in my power. If you want to complain about the war, go to it out the streets. But please, stop sending death threats and racist shit at people who aren’t even doing anything!


Just report and move on.


theres an option in settings to disable chat.
you can use that.

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If you see someone breaking game rules, please submit valid report via in game complain system - Game Masters will get report with logs and can act on it. Thanks!
Sadly complaining on this on our forum will change nothing. No one here can change how people are in internet.