The Char 2C is overtiered

Just what were developers thinking about when placing the 2C on 2.3? It makes no sense!

Mobility is garbage, it’s a huge target, and the gun isn’t even that good.

I heard their excuse for this BR was that “new players would hable trouble killing such a target”, okay, then why the hell are the T-35 and Nb.Fz. 1.3? Why is the 2C bis 1.7? Is it because they’re premiums? Is this some kind of joke? Come on, the 2C is not enjoyable right now!


It’s got a gun that overpressures with APHE. Making killing targets very easy.
If the enemy has a low caliber gun it can tank many hits.

Just because a tank is not good at everything doesn’t mean it’s bad.

Comparing it to the T-35 or the 2C bis I still think it’s overtiered. It can overpressure, yes, but it’s a huge and slow target, facing tanks that are better in every aspect, such as the T-34 or Pz.IV F2/G.

It can’t act as the heavy it’s supposed to be (not even a penetration sponge, since high velocity german guns will slice trough it like butter, knocking out 2/3 of the tank), and yeah, the gun can overpressure >>sometimes<<. When facing Shermans, T-34s (which, I repeat again, are better in every single way) it can become hard, even if you know to aim. The 2C bis can also easily overpressure and it sits at 1.3, so what’s the point in that argument anyway?

The 2C could easily sit at 1.7, even 1.3 since, come on, the T-35 is way better and is treated way better than the 2C.

And of course I agree on this, every tank has flaws, but my point is those flaws are affecting 2C gameplay extremely with the current BR.

Idk. Maybe it’s a reload speed difference of 17.2s vs. 5.5s?
A muzzle velocity of freaking 240m/s vs. 500m/s?

The gun is more deadly and kill al ot more targets but what’s the point when you miss and have to wait 17.2s to fire again?

Yesterday I had a match where I ran into a 105 Sherman. He was busy fighting someone and I stayed in cover, till I decided to just take out his barrel.
He shot me a couple of times, and there was also a M3A3 Stuart which I failed to pen 3 times in a row, which also shot at me and took out my gunner once or twice.

In the end I was able to kill the M3A3 and after a team mate showed up and distraced the 105 Sherman I shot him in the side of his turret and knocked him out.

So a 2.7 and a 3.0 tank destroyed by a 2.3 WW1 heavy tank.

Sure it’s basically helpless against a 105 Sherman or some other tanks, 1 vs. 1, but the reality of the battlefield is that you have some team mates with you.
And when your tank has 12 crews, it’s going to survive getting shot, distract them and make them vulnerable to your team.
Just like how distracted enemies can be taken out by the 75mm one shot cannon.

The APHE can overpressure a M10 by just hitting it at the front or the turret.

It’s missing historical ammunition options. I think having those added would be better than moving it down in BR.