The changes to the weather system are just another form of night, and a stereotype of Russia

I don’t know what Gaijin is thinking. If they could use 10% of the effort they put into thinking about how to exploit players’ wallets on improving the game, War Thunder would definitely not be in this state. After the nightmare of night battles temporarily rolled out of the game, Gaijin brought in fog to make players spend money on modifications. If you don’t have thermal imaging, you can’t even properly spot enemies, just like being killed by players with night vision in night battles. I’m not saying this isn’t interesting, diverse battles are fun, but the probability of encountering this is not low. And it’s very stereotypically Russian. In foggy weather, NATO planes with thermal imaging pods can’t see enemies like Russian color TVs. American players can’t take advantage of their CAS, and are forced to fight on land with the stereotypical Russian BVM. (And the real Germany - Sweden is also one of the beneficiaries of fog) Leaving aside ground battles, air battles in fog are also nauseating. I think the planner who came up with the idea of fog must be a Russian spy living in London who misses the Victorian era. Driving NATO guys from low altitude to high altitude to become targets for R27-ER is a brilliant idea. Ha, and there’s the terrible missile experience. Recently, I’ve been encountering problems where missiles fly past targets without detonating, whether it’s 9M, R73, R27-ER, or ET. Why don’t you upgrade your code with all the money you’ve exploited from players?


This was quite funny to be honest but I agree with you.