The change to the unallocated shell popup screen on spawn is just irritating and nonsensical

This page, the vast majority of players probably checked the don’t ask me again box long ago and doesn’t even remember it exists but when one wants to play naval or naval EC with long wait times this popup is fantastic to prevent you from spawning in at a random spawn with the wrong vehicle when you are doing other things waiting long periods of time.
It really didn’t add any extra time to spawn because I’d just double tap enter and be in battle.

And until yesterday it’d default to To Battle! being highlighted so you’d hit enter to go or esc if you wanted to go back to the spawn page.

But now enter defaults to cancel and escape is also cancel.
Theres no other changes to how the popup functions, no way to change it back, its just that one change throwing off 6 years of muscle memory.

Who asked for this?
How is this an improvement over how it was before?
Why was this changed?