The chally 3 has a aps irl

should the chally 3 get the aps it has irl
CR2 ATD at some point had trophy installed

Except this isn’t an actual CR3

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Well the name for the tank in the game is the challenger 3 TD which is a test bed of the challenger 3 here is my poof that saying the callenger 3 TD is missing a lot of irl stuff it had and which was tested on UK Challenger 3 Tank Reaches Next Milestone | Joint Forces News

Challenger 3 MBT Main Battle Tank UK data fact sheet more poof

Proving yet again the warthunder community can’t read.

Not a valid source for bug reporting, also



“Can be integrated doesn’t necessarely means its always or it is integrated on every unit”

its not a bug i just wanted to state it as a suggestion

mb now that i see this is not place for general discussion its my first post mb

Don’t worry. It is ok, if you want you can make a suggestion for it here on the forum, the bug report is for issues.