The bushes more realistic!

I think it would be nice to be able to put the bushes according to the shape of the vehicle, because right now, bushes defy the laws of gravity.

In addition, it would be less difficult to see the tanks, as the bushes will have a more realistic shape on the tank! Of course, the bushes can always be removed with the machine guns!

Clearly, I would like to see a change of the bushes so that they can become more realistic, and even that would be nice to be able to put some kind of cape with bushes on top of it (it actually existed).

But the cape is really not necessary!

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MR_RATTON, what a fitting name, for a fitting topic. Your kind crawl lower in the dirt than snakes. ;)

wtf ?

Yeah, bushes are in a ridiculous state right now. To be honest I’d love if they had actual physics and, as you’ve said, would adapt to the vehicle’s shape.

Unfortunately I believe that’d consume a lot of resources and make potato computers explode. Dreaming is free, I guess…

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I am calling a bush-rat what it is

I have a very realistic bush