The BR issue of the Mirage 4000

I think with the new update, the Mirage 4000, as great of a Magic 2 thrower as it is, should be moved to 12.3. 12.7 guarantees a 13.0 match.

With having only a SRH PD HDN and other options and its other features, its more comparable at being at the same BR as the F-15A


If the F-15J can be at 12.3 I think the Mirage 4000 can too.


There is no issue with Mirage 4000. It’s the best 12.7 in the game 2nd to none, easily superior to F-15A.

Lmaoooooooo can not belive you actually said this

No hmd

Worst top tier IR missile

Second worst top tier radar missile

2nd most CMs

Worst top tier energy retention

The F-15A, J, and BAZ are all leagues better (superior missiles, radar, energy retention, acceleration)

Mirage 4000 lover here

The magic 2 is quite good if you can get close, which is now very hard to do

It should have like 440 chaff in its pods, hurry up gaijin

I’d love to see it get some micas (or its belly 530s and/or its 14 missile loadout) as it was built knowing more advanced missiles were being developed

It’s been relegated to a Nord bus

I <3 Nord


Frankly it should be 12.3 unless it gets the (supposedly proposed) racks for micas.


Magic 2 is R-73 equivalent, which is extremely strong.
HMD is irrelevant when it gets nose on target extremely easily.
Radar missile isn’t necessary, there are 8x of among the best IR missiles in the game.
As-good energy retention as an F-15A. 15.3 vs F-15’s 15.0 degrees per second with >6 minutes of AB time and 8 missiles.

If Mirage 4000 wasn’t the best, it wouldn’t be my highest KDR of 12.7 aircraft.

Oh, and it’s well known Su-27 has the worst top energy retention.

I mean. Alvis is right. When you have a delta wing the hmd is not vital you can go without it.
I DIDN’T PLAY THE M4K i am just here to support the point made by alvis

That’s due to the F-15A being under BR’d

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It actually have TWS,although only TWS HDN.

The Magic 2 is not the worst IR missile at all it is very reliable when shot side aspect.

Sure you can bleed all your speed to get a missile lock but imagine if you could fire the missile without bleeding all your speed, that would be something (the 5F is just better).

No AMRAAM, can face AMRAAMs.

Any plane that doesn’t have AMRAAMs that can face planes with AMRAAMs is fodder. They’re too strong and force you defensive. Just like IRL BVR is now the norm unless the map lets you do canyon runs.

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lol Radar missiles are still easily defeated.

Yes they’re very easily defeated when you’re playing defensive. At some point you need to stop playing defensive. If you have AMRAAMs you can engage while defending. If you don’t then you are outranged by 20KM or more unless the map offers canyons and mountains to close the distance.

You add on to this no HMD making your missile locks harder than everyone else at that BR the maneuverability is quickly made irrelevant.

Moving the plane to 12.3 doesn’t stop it from being able to see 13.0 planes, it just lessens the frequency. There really is no justification for its current BR range.

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Classic victim of post major update compression sadly.
It used to be a menace, sad to see it suffer (ish)

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Moving the plane to 12.3 would make it the first OP vehicle in years.

There’s no compression involving Mirage 4000.

This is a joke, right?

It is widely known Alvis does not make remotely credible claims. If you played it, you would recognise the necessity, as it engages targets that already force it defensive whilst having questionable energy recovery and you want it to burn even more energy just to try get a launch?

For what it engages and is engaged by, HMD is quite close to a necessity at this point.


What plane is at 11.3 that is completely outclassed by the Mirage 4000

At lower BRs losing your speed is fine assuming your positioning is done correctly so you don’t get ganked. At the current top tier bracket where the 4K sits losing speed means losing the ability to defend against AMRAAMs which means you’re dead.

This still is whether you even get in to range to get that lock, which any player with a brain will not let you do.


All of them, including the hilariously OP Kurnass 2000.
Of course Mirage 4000 is better than the 12.3s, including the under-BR’d F-15A.