The Black Prince situation

I feel like we should finally move the BP back to 5.7, its clearly shown to not be that great at 6.0 I see no issue with it at 5.7, its literally just a churchill with a better gun, this thing should absolutelly not be 6.0


What issues do you see with it?
I find it an excellent vehicle at 6.0 still. Especially now that some 5.7 things got moved up it should be at an appropriate BR.


I think BR 6.0 was quite alright even before the recent BR changes.
Anyway, the BP has actually went down since everything else below and above went up by 0.3 so it pretty much IS what 5.7 used to be… :)


The matter is that it used to be 5.7 and should be 5.7 again, it’s basically equivalent to a Tiger H1 but even slower…

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6.0 is an absurd be for a Churchill mate

I disagree.
The gun is amazing and the Armour can often work in your favour.

Sure, the mobility is poor, which means you will have trouble if you are out of position.
At the same time it forces you to be more calculating and patient, which really works in the tank’s favour.


Equivalent to the Tiger H1? With it’s much better armour and gun? With proper angling the armour can bounce even a long 88. If played correctly, Tiger H1 stands little to no chance against it…
The BP is my most played vehicle (almost 2k battles) and I really can’t say I’d suffer. Sure, HEAT-FS are pain in the arse, but this can be said about any WWII / early cold war heavy tank…


a long 88 or even any panther cuts this thing in half like a hot knife through butter. The Black prince should just not be 6.0, the tanks at 7.0 which it fights like 80% of the time are even worse to fight…


Angling doesnt stop german long guns

Then my experience is different from yours…
Anyway, this still applies:

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Yeah and a Russian 85mm doesn’t. Not every tank is a Panther or Tiger.

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Russian 85mm APHE-M* shells are able to OHK the BP through the top of the turret roof where it slightly angles down to the mantlet… :)
*(“M” for Magic)

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I never had any issue with his BR. 6.0 is fine for BP.

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It’s better then a tiger h1 in every way other then speed.


Should be moved to 2.0

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Just make it a reserve.


People have been trying to get Gaijin to move this thing down to 5.7 for years now lol. But seemingly they have some statistics that supposedly say it’s been fine at 6.0 all this time…

yes it does at range it will bounce done it many times close range is where you struggle but im seethe marits at both sides with the new br hick ive noticed mt 6.0 and 6.3 line up is uptiered fair more

Sorry, DAFUQ?!

Yeah, armor might be better, but not the gun.
This is another clear case of the “Conqueror-syndrome”. The only thing the 17pdr does better than the 88mm is pen. And that’s it.
(Conqueror-syndrome: looking at a tank’s single stat, and deciding it must be OP just because that, while the tank itself is utterly trash.
Few examples are the name giver Conqueror, Ikv 103, Sturer Emil, swedish low tier with APDS or even the new Pvkv 4)

If you know basic weak spots, and use the Pzgr. instead of the Pzgr 39, than everything will be a 1shot, even if you shoot the furthest weak spot from the crew, while with the 17pdr, you have to pick the crew 1 by 1…

Not only that, but the BP has a 15 round ready rack, combined with the piss poor damage, it is just not good. That gun is already bad at around 5.0 (okay, a lot has to do with the platforms it is on, but still).

On a persomal note, i also have way harder time penning the turret front of a Tiger (Tiger E to be correct), thank the turret front of a BP (but again, it is just a personal thing).

You must have been built differently, and i say it as a compliment.

Agreed. 100% agreed. All HEAT(FS) slingers have only high pen. And that’s it. But wehraboos keep complaining about them.