The Big In-Game Sale in War Thunder!

Have you had your eye on a vehicle for some time, but haven’t dared to purchase it yet? These discounts will help you make this decision for sure. Meet the big in-game sale in War Thunder!

Discounts on vehicles

When: From April 26th (11:00 GMT) until May 6th (11:00 GMT).

  • 30% discount on vehicles from all nations when purchasing with Golden Eagles and Silver lions. There’s no division by country, as this discount is valid on all vehicles throughout the entire sale period.
  • Discounts don’t apply to the purchase and upgrade of Squadron vehicles, Battle Pass vehicles, and vehicles that were released in the Air Superiority and Alpha Strike major updates.

Discounts on upgrades

  • 30% discount on modifications
  • 30% discount on talismans
  • 30% discount on backups

Discounts on Premium Accounts

  • 50% discount on Premium accounts for 90 and 365 days for Golden Eagles in the hangar.
  • 50% discount on Premium accounts for 180 days in the Store.

Discounts in the store

When: From May 6th until May 13th.

Packs with rare vehicles at good prices await you. We’ll tell you about the contents of these packs, as well as the size of the discounts soon. Keep an eye on the news!



Is 30% normal, or is it a new thing?


It is normal for V-day sale


So summer sale should have 50% off?



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Okay thanks

Never understand why they have a sale but only a partial sale and the rest of the sale is after the sale because reasons.


Thanks guys.

Am new player. This is my first sale.
Should I ignore this one? It isn’t worth it right?

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Ignore it for now. Wait until summer sale. Only things that are remotely worth it are some of the limited edition packs



The May premium pack sales on the Gaijin store have a good discount. So you buy the packs and get GE from those, then when the Summer GE sales come, you can get GE vehicles for 50% off. Then more 50% off pack sales happen after the Summer GE sales.


The GE sales are War Thunder anniversary and Christmas only.

50% store pack sales are May, Summer, Anniversary and Christmas.

Pack sales always are the week after a week of GE/SL sales when GE/SL sales happen.

GE is never discounted for purchase, but the expenses for Talisman, GE vehicles and Modifications are slashed in half.

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So you couldn’t use GE from packs on GE premiums


The art of the deal


Caveat emptor…

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Thank you. Very helpful information.

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But the summer sale didn’t often include ingame stuff, like talismans iirc.

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Yeah, I just meant the GE vehicles

And those.
Manybe they changed it in the last 2 years?

Oh, pardon me. The Summer sale doesn’t include 50% off GE expenses ingame. That happens during the Anniversary and Christmas sales only.