The "Big 3"

In the past the Big 3 were easy to define. GER, RUS, US. While these days I wonder if US can be included. It certainly dominates certain areas, but Gaijin has been pretty hard on the US of late (imho…could be utterly wrong) so I wonder if the US is going to be replaced by another. In Ground it would be China or Sweden. Any one have any thoughts? (PS while there are no wrong answers some may be silly.)

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US still dominates in ground RB, the addition of the M1A1 AIM has been very detrimental to win rates.

However at any other BR the USA has a lineup and solid vehicles, if anything Germany is no longer a top 3 nation at top tier ARB. In GRB the Big 3 are still the top dogs and will remain so, as many nations in the game no longer have MBTs they can receive short of paper tanks.


Depends on the BR, at top tier I don’t think it’s the big 3… it’s Russia + whoever is matched with them.
At lower BRs they tend to have the advantage due to sheer tree density.


I would agree. My thoughts lie along those lines. Having more options is an asset at any BR range.

USA dominates BR 6.7-8.0 in ground RB, so yeah probably. Don’t know about other BR’s.

The USA has the best air tree, and one of the best ground trees. Performance at top tier is not the only thing that matters.

One of the best air trees without a doubt. Ground tree is another matter entirely. Very poor performance at ranks 5 and 7.


usa don have tanks that can take 9 anti tank missiles from LOSAT and kill 2 of your teammates before the 10th one finishes it… Yes that is extreme circumstances but more often than not T-80’s eat 3+ ATGM’S and literally any other tank takes 1…

No? I don’t see anything inherently bad about the top tier Abrams, competitive gun handling, reload, speed, among the most powerful APFSDS available. A1HC, A2 and A2 SEP form a good lineup with options in the M1128, M3A3 and HSTV-L for light vehicles (+AIM for another Abrams). Survivability I think is overstated when it comes to the M1s but it’s better than something like Leclerc, Ariete, Type 10 and Challenger. The ADATS is still decent after missile physics implementation. Some of the best fixed wing CAS with the F-14B and F-16C.

What does China have? 99A, 99A Proto and TY-90s?

Not too sure why U.S gets slept on.

USA controlling land and sea. RUS controlling skies, and german controlling 7.7-1.0 so fair i guess.

The narrative at top tier is that the USSR is unbeatable, so people hardly even try to. Been dabbling with the Stryker as of late, and as far as wheeled vehicles go, it’s the amongst the worst I experienced short of the BTR, but unlike the BTR it’s not because of the vehicle’s charateristics but purely down to the general team performance.

In my experience at top tier against the Soviets, denying them the sky makes for an easy victory as their vehicles simply can’t dominate the ground alone, but I’ve also lost games to Mi-4s simply because they existed unopposed. You’re down to the choice of either trusting your team with the sky, or with the ground, a coin flip of sort…

Just check the US Air TT and you will know why US is still strong
USSR is the best cause its vihicles have no weakness, without doubt. And US is weaker in ground but better in air. If you need to find a country, Germany may be the worst in Big3 but new Leo2 will come soon

All in all, the Big3’s status is still secure

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Not the Big 3 I expected

Imho you are just naming the most popular nations played generating the most income for gaijin (in reverse order). So it is logical that those will be the main focus for them. By accepting a Chinese investor Gaijin Kft will add China to this list, just based on the overwhelming possibilities of this market.

That certain Nations have different strengths at different BRs and vehicle types is imho just a deliberate steering result of gaijin - either based on bias, better income projections or more or less psychological reasons.

Just an easy example for psychology & business goals:

There are no irl Western copies of Chinese weapon systems as there is simply no need to copy them as they are already copies of Western or USSR / RF weapon systems.

So if you want to make China attractive you have to add technically seen more advanced vehicles of the ROC to the PRC mix of outdated (and/or locally optimized) USSR hardware in order to have comparable fighting chances vs Nations like US or the RF (RU) alone with PRC hardware.

A small but important side effect is that due to this combined PRC/ROC TT your Chinese investor is in line with the official position of the PRC/CCP.

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Well stated sir!

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