The Benefits of adding 'minor' nation tech trees

Under the weight of many different nations’ vehicles? I don’t think that’s the case, as can be read in the OP of this thread. Many nations would still be spread out, but that’s mostly because of how their political alliances changed from the 1930s until now.


The days of US vs Germany or Russia facing off in a great battle is now more like a parade day at a military museum with every type and nation just rolling around ,zero immersion or scop for imagination and I think many of WTs players liked that.



But is it any better?

I think it is

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Like I have said before in this exact thread, those days are long over now. If you want those kind of battles, please support World War events or that event of last week with the US planes vs Germans, as they are great to facilitate these kind of battles.


Your picture made me laugh, nice one :)

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The movie has finished, and the audience are leaving.

“Flood” Italy with a “huge Hungarian tree”? You mean I added one line (just like every single subtree) and 5 other aircraft into the Italian lines (all other subtrees have some vehicles in the main lines, just look at how many Finnish vehicles are in the Swedish lines).

You mean we found your stupid argument of “I have 2 Hungarian premium planes, so don’t add any more or it will destroy the game” ridiculous. Hmm, very aggressive, right?

Yep, subtree suggestions are the weirdest posts ever… so weird how anyone would suggest a subtree… not.


Great so long as they have their cash with them. The BBC said the same in the UK and now everybody is canceling their license fee.

Word “hates” = bad attitude???

No it isn’t.

You do know that Gaijin mostly only gets money from new players, right? Most experienced players are able to play f2p and still get premium account, vehicles, etc. without spending a dime if they are even a little competent.

It’s the kids and the whales that spend the most on this game. This can be easily observed when you look at the marketplace and the times when sales happen. Both of these groups sadly mostly only care about the fancy ‘new’ planes.

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Have a look at the ages here, interesting. Its not kids like you might presume.

Oh except when I do that I’m called “X hating” or “anti-Y”.

  1. that’s a small sample size
  2. it takes some effort to get a forum account
  3. it’s easier to just apply in-game to a squadron
  4. most players in game don’t even know what a squadron is.

read it for yourself ,you can see the youngest are around 20 with it going up to 71.

Those who say in at night as opposed to those who go out.
You can see the kids with no cash crying over the P2W issue whereas adults just spend a bit and consider the game a cheap night in as opposed to going out.

Its not much for an adult to throw a few notes at the game if the mood takes them and its the little things that add up that make as much as the big stuff which incidentally, where does a kid get $60 for a pack?

I read the forum and I am not so sure Gaijin isn’t putting all its eggs in the wrong basket

So let me get this straight, you’re pro subtrees and small nation inclusion, but if they use a bit too much copy-paste (which pretty much every country that could be added from now would need to use), then you’re suddenly against them? But you do support the unique Hungarian aircraft? Then why not just leave a short reply saying that you only want the indigenous aircraft to be added?

Of the countries not yet represented in-game, I highly doubt that. Only a few could do it.

I still don’t see how you want minor nations to be represented if they aren’t allowed to use copy-paste. They pretty much all rely on it.

Ok, I see, you just haven’t updated it.

That was just an “or that” idea.

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Good point. 'Though I’m still largely in favour of new nations.

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If they have an absolute majority of copy-paste (55% and higher), then the suggestion could simply leave out some planes by deleting the obscure C&P ones and leaving only the most popular ones (like the BF109 of hungary). Like I said before, I’m even in favour of the Soviet(/Hungarian) jets, even if they somewhat break the matchmaking in sim.

Yes. Read my text.

I couldn’t be bothered at the time, even if what you’re stating is NOT my opinion, as I want both the C&P and the unique stuff, but I deemed your suggestion bloated with C&P, even with the most lenient use of C&P I could manage to get away with (like saying the MÁVAG Héja I is unique, even if it is a Re2000 modification). My opinion is obviously more nuanced than ‘I’m a Purist! ONLY UNIQUE STUFF’, lol.

Let me give you some nations that could do this easily (more could be added, but just as in the OP, these are some examples, duh):

They are allowed to use C&P. I literally said so numerous times. Just not as a majority (a sub tree of 12 planes is enough for some small nations defensive-industry wise, it doesn’t need to be 30+ planes).

Then please just leave that out, it only invites more aggression on the forums. Not everything is Hate.


So you’re saying you would have supported my suggestion if I would have used less copy-paste? But where exactly was the copy-paste excessive? I tried to use the minimum, while still filling gaps, as stated in the description.

Let’s not pretend that Hungary somehow caused this issue. Sim was flooded with copy-pastes long before Hungary got added.

I did, I was just clarifying.

It would have helped.

Just say which ones are unnecessary in your opinion. I added each one for a reason.

I thought you would be like Il Segnor Regio…

Netherlands? Yugoslavia? 10 completely unique and indigenous aircraft designs that were actually built and flown? Maybe just.
Romania? 10? Maybe if you count each and every sub-variant of the IAR 80/81 as a separate aircraft, but if not, then no.
Argentina, Austria, Brazil? 10 completely unique and indigenous aircraft designs that were actually built and flown? I doubt that. Also, considering none of these had any (or barely any) aircraft designs from the interwar period and WW2, it would be impossible to make these into normal subtrees, unless you start at like rank VI or something!
Belgium, Chile, Norway, Switzerland? 10 completely unique and indigenous aircraft designs that were actually built and flown? No, I highly doubt that. Especially for Chile, when I see Chilean Thunder spamming every single copy paste Chilean used vehicle into the suggestions. And again, what would they have for the interwar and WW2 period? These subtrees would start at like rank V?

Ok, so you want maximum indigenous stuff and minimum copy-paste stuff, and a small tree overall.

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