The Bald Eagle Challenge is easier than expected

Bald Eagle: Destroy 3 player vehicles without losing your own while using a strike aircraft 10 times

I do not know whether it is intentional or not, but Bald Eagle challenge from the battle pass works like this in ground RB;

  1. You killed 3 tanks without dying: 1/10
  2. You killed 4th tank in the same match: 2/10
  3. You killed 5th tank in the same match: 3/10

My observations:

  • You are safe to die as long as you killed 3+ enemy with your strike aircraft, your progress is saved. You DONT HAVE TO SURVIVE the match.
  • You don’t have to kill overall 30 units if you kill more than 3 in the same session
  • Official answer on streaks: All the kill streaks(chains if you will) stay in the active session and not moved to the next session.

I would be happy if people add their observations here. This achievement, although it might make next couple days CAS-fest, seems not so grindy as initially I thought.

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Streak exist only in active session(battle). Next battle = next session. So in new battle you start with 0 kills.


Thx for the advice. That’s too much for me personally for two reasons.

  1. it exceeds my own abilities and …
  2. it massively encourages CAS spam where many fail but both teams suffer because no one thinks about whether it makes sense to start with a Strike Aircraft. In the end, everyone is up in the air and the team with the clever players (who survived the CAS spam) on the ground wins.

Yeah it wasn’t too bad. I do well with strike/attacker aircraft going after ground targets, but other planes . . . not so much . .lol. But the best part on this one was finishing it meant I got all the Challenges done for the first time since BP #1 . . . just hadn’t managed all of them since then. And the Challenge got waaaaay easier once I got to 5/10. It was then that I realized, we only had to do it 10 times … I had it in my head it was . . 15 . . lol, I don’t know why. But after that . . it got easier . . lol.
I used the Do-335 A-1 with some other German attackers & the Su-6(AM-42) & got one mark with the premium Su-6. Air AB, got it done in the afternoon without too much trouble. Didn’t take too long, very casual.

Using a strike aircraft

Glad they made sure that all nations could partake in this.


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Don’t know how I made it to 9 … but my last one which would have been the end was a bomb on a Tiger. Direct hit! Only MG damaged … watch it conspiracy incoming … it was a lvl10 Player …

Hello to all,

anyone knows how bald eagle challenge works on arcade ground battles?

Well, you better kill 3+ tanks at once, or some planes, because you will then die…

In Arcade, it is unfortunately extremely hard and unreliable. You have limited time with your plane, you need enemy stacked together and need a high payload strike plane. Maintaining all these conditions at once is really hard. Sure, you might have enemy plane to kill if you are lucky and maybe some really light vehicle that you can strafe but the game mode puts too much to luck.