The balancing of this game has never been as bad as it is now (I'm not just referring to Fox 3)

There’s so much to say that I don’t even know how to start, but I’ll try to start with BR 10.7.
Everyone who has been through BRs 8.3-9.3 and 9.0-10.0 knows what a real purgatory that is, but now you leave the purgatory to go straight to deep hell.
70% of my games are up tier simply unplayable, I will give you an example.
In this match I died to a mig 21 bison that threw an R73ET1 at me, how a j35xl dodge of a R73ET1 with 6-12 flares ???
How does a kfir canards handle an f14A and a mirage 2000-s4/s5 ?
How does a sea harrie frs1, f104s, f4f deal with f4EJ kai, JH7 and Tornado ADV?
Before this patch, when you had any 10.7 plane and got an up tier against 11.3, there were already very heavy match ups, it was already very unfair but it was tolerable, now you play against 11.7, there’s no way to play, there’s nothing to do and get into the match and press J.

Let’s advance to br 12.0 to 12.3… What is your balancing criteria for defining a br? Because sometimes it seems like it’s a prize draw… serious
All f16A blocks 10 to 20 are 12.0 and do not have an irccm missile, EXCEPT the Belgian f16A with 6x aim 9m which is 12.3, and the question now arises, WHY IS THE NETZ 12.3?
Seriously, what else does netz have to justify this br? it doesn’t have the same impact as an im f16 with irccm, it doesn’t have the impact of an f15a, nor the new AVB with irccm and fox 3, 6x phynton 3 doesn’t justify this.

Now about the 12.3 planes with fox 3, the AB+ I even understand why they are 12.3, now the J8F which does not have irccm and only has 2 pl12s is unsustainable to be 12.3.

Finally the icing on the cake… Fox3
Everyone was scared of r77 and MICAS-EM, but nothing compares to aim120…
the aim 120 are currently what the R23ER1 were in the last 2 patches, completely out of the curve.
Why can’t things in this game be balanced, there always has to be this cycle of things that are extremely broken and override the rest?
It’s never “this thing is a little above average” it’s always “something very op and the rest is acceptable”…
I’m not even going to comment here about the top tier stock grind because I already made a post about it and other people did too.
I’m about the ace crew mechanic, the most slot machine and whale predator mechanic that exists in this game.

It’s always a cycle of frustration.
This game in essence is good, it has potential, I really love this game
But the execution of the project as a whole is very complicated, it seems that you (gaijin) always choose to sell frustration and create these cycle that allow you to stop being frustrated and become the frustrator, rather than selling fun.
It’s not possible that you can’t make a profit selling entertainment, that this is the only viable business model, and it always has to be like this.

This update was a good update, but the decisions made behind it were the worst possible.

Not if I’m the only one who feels this way, but I’m trying to give the most constructive criticism possible.


fully agree here.
facing 12.3’s in 11.3’s like the F-4J was already annoying before FOX-3’s, now its just ridiculous.

raising the max BR by a single 0.3 BR step isnt cutting it if you introduce new technology that outperforms what was there before so much, not if you dont adjust anything else in the gamemode.
we got the same tiny maps with the same centered target points, leading to the same furballs.
on top of that, we also still have the same completely broken matchmaker, that gives you matches where one team gets one, two or in rare cases even no top BR vehicle of that match, but the enemy gets several.

nowadays this means that you can have like 4 enemies slinging several fox-3’s at you and your team from medium range and you need to keep a radar lock to hit them with your SARH’s, so you either fly evasive to loose the fox-3 or you keep the enemy locked and try your luck in hitting them before they hit you.
and thats just the missiles, not to mention the vast flight performance gap between something like a 11.3 phantom or Mirage F1C and an F-16, F-15 or Mig-29.

this is utterly ridiculous.


It all comes down to the lobby size yet again. Back when it was 12v12, even the ridiculously balanced 10.0± BR could be winnable with proper tactics. If you ever played Germany at around 6.0 you face 3 times the amount of fighters (usually 6v6 - 2 fighters + 4 bombers vs 6 fighters) yet it’s possible to still win because skill matters. In 16v16 it’s not possible to keep track and at some point you just get 3rd partied. Lobby size should just be scaled with rank. Let rank I-III be 16v16 and then just scale it down as you go up.

I ventured into ARB after a long time to try out the FOX3’s. Not only does the button to enable lower player lobby not work (imaginemyshock.jpg) but they also introduced airspawn for all planes? Every game is mixed nations MM, everyone vs everyone. ARB is literally just arcade with 1 life now. It’s very sad what they done to this mode.


I agree, except for the airspawn part. Currently, the only airspawns for high tier air are better than AF spawns because they spread the team out, which is good. However, since all ground targets are located in one place, and the fact that grouping up is safer, it doesn’t help too much since players all group together.

Mixed nation MM isn’t too bad either, I sometimes wish it was more common. (I am talking about all vs all, and not USA vs World+USA)

ARB just needs a large overhaul, it hasn’t changed in a meaningful way in a long time. Even Arcade has different gamemodes with different goals ffs.

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