The armor thickness of strv122 should be reduced

In the game, the armor thickness of the strv’s hull is 100mm higher than that of the Leopard 2A7V, and gaijin’s reason for doing so is simply because Sweden claims to have improved the armor package, but they have not disclosed any data. When members of other small country clubs submit vehicle improvement suggestions, gaijin will ask them to provide real information, and even choose to turn a blind eye. However, in Sweden, gaijin attempts to pass on all the benefits to them, and Sweden obtains MI28 and T80U that they have never officially purchased. Don’t treat players like fools anymore. If you think the armor value of Leopard 2A7V is only 660mm, then strv122 should be treated the same way. In this incident, the vehicle 292 project can penetrate Leopard 2A7, but cannot penetrate 122. It’s ridiculous. If gaijin doesn’t plan to change the armor value, please place strv122 at 12.7


Swedish main & person here, Dont grill me just read, if you dissagree well do so i guess?

The Upgraded armour package was proven when it was submited as a suggestion. (I dont know where the post is nowadays, probably on the old-forum)

Though i very much agree with your statement about the MI-28 and T-80U They were definetly only added so players had a way to pay to grind in the Swedish TT Instead of looking for domestic or designs from our neighboring countries norway, denmark, finland. They just got lazy and did like they did to china. Ctrl + C, Ctrl + Z


Also In October 2023, the Swedish Armed Forces Officially confirmed that FMV signed a contract with KMW for the upgrade of 44 Strv 122 tanks, now designated as Stridsvagn 123A. The enhancements include a new L/55 gun barrel (Rh-120 L55 A1) for increased range and armor penetration, a new suspension system, updated tracks, improved night vision capabilities, and greater compatibility with programmable ammunition. The variant is referred to by KNDS, the manufacturer of Leopard 2 tanks. So basically sweden will get a even better leopard now. Somebody just have to make the suggestion now.

Here is the source : Försvarsmakten Strv 122 blir Strv 123A

På uppdrag av Försvarsmakten har Försvarets materielverk (FMV) signerat ett kontrakt med den tyska tillverkaren Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) till ett värde av cirka 3,5 miljarder kronor för moderniseringen av stridsvagnsparken.
Stridsvagnar kommer att vara ryggraden i arméns brigader under lång tid framöver, det är en slutsats vi kan dra av det pågående kriget i Ukraina. Beställningen vi nu lägger förlänger vagnarnas livslängd åtminstone in på 2030-talet, säger Jonas Lotsne, chef för FMV:s verksamhetsområde för armémateriel.
Uppgraderingen omfattar bland annat utbyte av i princip samtliga elektroniska komponenter i vagnen så att systemet likriktas med övriga moderna Leopard 2, ny kanon i kaliber L55 med större möjlighet att programmera ammunition, nya mörkersikten för skytt och vagnchef samt mörkerkörningskamera till föraren och slutligen nytt bandaggregat, inklusive band.
Leveranser av stridsvagn 123A till Försvarsmakten sker med start 2026.

On behalf of the Swedish Armed Forces, the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) has signed a contract with the German manufacturer Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) worth approximately 3.5 billion Swedish kronor for the modernization of the tank fleet. Tanks will continue to be the backbone of the army’s brigades for a long time to come, a conclusion drawn from the ongoing war in Ukraine. The current order extends the lifespan of the tanks at least until the 2030s," says Jonas Lotsne, head of FMV’s army equipment division.
The upgrade includes the replacement of virtually all electronic components in the tank to align the system with other modern Leopard 2 tanks. It also features a new caliber L55 gun with enhanced programmable ammunition capabilities, new night vision devices for both the gunner and tank commander, a night vision camera for the driver, and a new suspension system, including tracks.
Deliveries of the Stridsvagn 123A to the Swedish Armed Forces will commence in 2026.

so, as mentioned at the end, it should be placed at 12.7BR. Too many tanks from other countries cannot compete with it,for example, Leclerc, Ariette, Mekava, Challenger, 99A .and under the game mechanism where only two crew members can continue to fight, it is difficult to destroy strv122 whether shooting from the front or side
I don’t hate Sweden, but I hate Gaijin actions, which completely deprives players of the pleasure of driving other tanks. They offer 10 countries, but almost only two can have a good experience

Correct me if im Wrong, doesnt the swedish Strv just has a D-tech hull and the Leo 2A7V a C-tech one in game?