The AMX-30’s, AMX-32’s, and AMX-40 should have APDS in their autocannons instead of HVAP

The 20mm F2 on the AMX-30’s, 32’s, and 40 is the navalised version of the 20mm m693 on the AMX-10P and it is stated to have the same firing capabilities in terms of what rounds it can fire.

The link below proves it can and there are other sources on this website that say so too.

And we all know HVAP is garbage and does basically nothing. Everyone who has used HVAP in ground RB should know this.
Having APDS in these vehicles autocannons would make them much more helpful and effective.


balancing, thats why no, and at those brs HVAP works perfectly fine, thats an skill issue


Well I’m sorry but when my breach or barrel are destroyed I’d like to be able to shoot out the enemies barrel in less time then what it takes for them to reload and kill me.


magical word is flanking

Well News flash bud, HVAP handles any kind of angled and spaced armor like shit. There aren’t any top tier mbt’s that it can pen and damage from the side.

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It can’t even penetrate a leopard 1

For some reason theres a limit on replies so im putting this here. Maybe you’ll see maybe you wont. The 20mm is anti-air and duel purposed in this game for destroying barrels and tracks. It takes forever to destroy a barrel. 8.0 to 9.7 are apart of top tier. Gaijin has changed things about other vehicles and given them things they were never proven to have. No I’m not taking it too 11.7, the HVAP is a shit round and has nothing going for it. Theres no mbt in 8.3 to 9.7 that it can severely damage.

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there you got your problem, seems like you are a bit slow, you are not supposed to take 8.7-9.7 vehicles into 11.7 games, of course you cant do shit , exceptions are IFVS like the VBCI-2, but that is sadly a premium and france needs real lights, they have the benefit of reducing cas and scouting thats why u take them into higher tiers.

But seriously just stop taking freaking 8.7 mbts to 11.7 matches

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its not supposed to genius, its an anti infantry cannon

besides that you said it can fire it, did it ever use the ammo? if it never used it which you would need to prove it wont get them, this is the case for a lot vehicles

Balancing is a thing you know.
Im certain you wouldnt like bigger amount of vehicles shooting APDS belts at you in return.

Can confirm. Even shooting at a BMP or any lightly armoured IFV or TD does almost nothing. It also blinds you when you fire it on the AMX-30s.
I’ve found it to be more useful at taking down helis than tanks.

…No it’s not, the 20mm on the AMX-30, AMX-32 and AMX-40 is not intended whatsoever for infantry. The 20mm is supposed to be used to take out light vehicles that the main gun does not need to be used against. The 20mm is purpose-equipped to murder BMPs, BRDMs, BMDs, and other eastern bloc light vehicles from the front - yet you will struggle to kill a BMP-2 with it, even from the side. The APDS has been standard issue since the introduction of the 20mm in the AMX-30.

Clearly it does need its APDS - you can’t take vehicles that’re already so disadvantaged for their BR and then claim that they need zero help. The only reason why any of these vehicles have good stats is because they are almost exclusively played by good players, since anyone else either can’t get that far in the French tree or simply cannot use them correctly.

I have the AMX-40 and regularly play it, and the 20mm is nigh on useless against anything that isn’t a helicopter. You’re better off using it for AA against low-flying targets or vehicles with zero armour than against what they’re actually supposed to be used against.

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