The American AH-64A being 0.6 BR Higher than the AH-64D In U.K/Japanese tree

I was researching the AH-64A and realized the absurdly high BR it has got. I took a look at the U.K and Japanese trees and this is what I found. In addition the AH-64A Gets the AGM-114B meanwhile the AH-64D British and Japanese get’s the AGM-114K. So what in God’s green earth makes the AH-64A deserve being higher BR?

Never mind, I have made a dumb mistake. Didn’t realize it changes the BR when you switch nations. Sorry

Arcade BRs really don’t matter much, there’s a split in PvE EC lobbies after 9.3 so anything before or after that is arbitrary

i think you accidently switched to arcade BRs in your research.

but just as a side note / fun fact: the japanese AH64 is 0.7 BR lower than than the british and american Longbow due to not having access to an MAW.


It doesn’t have Laser Warning Receivers either