The AJ37 Viggen doesn’t have the proper top speed

In game top speed (RB) isn’t accurate? Or is the Viggen not actually that fast?

Top speed is at a given altitude not throughout all regimes of flight. It will be mach 2.1~ capable at very high altitude. It cannot do it on the deck.


I also wondered about the actual loads the AJ-37 Viggen can carry.

all of those it does not have in game are weapon types that does not yet exist in war thunder at all.

1 948 km/h isn’t mach 2+ at 9 000m though, which is what the wiki says is the max speed for the aircraft in game.

Someone else made a post last week showing the top speeds for all three new jets in the last update were also way off. I wouldn’t be surprised if the aircraft are becoming too powerful for GJN’s physics engine, and it’s showing the flaws now.

AIM-9L’s are in game, but the AJ37 doesn’t get it, which is what the title says. Actually, my bad, it says the white ones are post AJS-37 upgrade. Minus the smaller wing tanks, which aren’t really needed or wanted afaik.

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you do know that Gaijin has access to and has implemented the data from the actual flight manual for the JA/AJ/AJS-37 planes right?
what Wikipedia says is less relevant.

Here’s a AJ-37 manual, I haven’t looked through it yet.

I also don’t speak or read Swedish fully, so it will take a while to find the speed in specific.

So you’re saying they have a secret document no one else has access to, which states the Viggen’s top speed is not what Saab state it is? I’m not going to link it because I don’t want to get in trouble, but on google you can very easily find a declassified report from 2016 which states the top speed. It isn’t what is in game.

It’s not classified, it’s open on the internet from the Swedish archives. There are a bunch of other stuff they have, like munitions. That’s also just weaponry, there’s two other manuals. This is the one over acceleration and speed. : )

Yeah, but I’ve got in trouble before for posting F-16A manuals that were freely available on archives you can find on google.

Well, a few things are, the F-16 is not out of service, the Viggen is, and almost all of the weapons on it are de-classified, as well as most of the vehicle itself. I’ve used this source before as well, those post’s were never taken down. Also, it contains maneuverability stats and other things.

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declassified does not always mean free to share, it can still be export restricted.
these were declassified in 2016:
Screenshot 2024-01-09 211504

thats part one, no info on flight performance in there, you want part 3. i have it but cant upload pdf from pc. i’ll see if i can find it online somewhere again.

found the relevant page at least, this is without any loadout:

so maximum speed with full afterburner is at 11km and you then get to about mach 1.95

And that’s an early Viggen (AJ37) so it might be right.

This is the 3rd doc

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what are you getting in game then that is different from this?

Are you sure that isn’t while it’s loaded down, because on the other bits said that it had a few different loads that would be a standard combat load. A RB-24, RB-05A, XT tank, and two 30mm Akan’s

bottom right:
“RENT FPL” = clean plane = no loadout (stated earlier in the document, i can screenshot if you want)