The AJ37 Viggen doesn’t have the proper top speed

Yeah, up in the top hand corner that says “FPL AJ37” the earlier bit says:

My only though would be it states 1-4, like the loadouts before, but idk.

On the top line it states “FPL AJ37” and then below the line on the right side it states “Group 1” to “Group 4”

Here are the groups

“Rent fpl + grupp 1-4”
clean plane + group 1-4
then it lists the different graphs for those 5 scenarios. if you scroll down one more page its the graph for group 1 loadout:


Screenshot 2024-01-09 222807

and here are the loadouts at the start of document:


Screenshot 2024-01-09 222900

With explanations:


Screenshot 2024-01-09 222951

Okay, yeah, I see that, the one you sent before was Rent FPL, the second was group 1.

yeah, so the first graph i sent is with no external loadout.

funny thing about viggen is that they never actually got to test the max speed of the plane because it runs out of fuel before it stops accelerating XD

I believe that’s the same with the Draken.