The "Air Alert" voice line needs to go or not include any data

You don’t have a search radar? Don’t worry, just spam z-6-1 and the game will automatically be your search radar.

Suddenly the downside or being radarless SPAA like a Strela isn’t that much of a downside anymore.

… What?

That’s not even how it works. It has to be within the crew’s visual range for the player(you) to even be notified. Then you can use the alert binding for often at most semi-accurate reporting to your team. It is as useful for SPAA as it is for CAP.

It is a useful and necessary function so with all the due respect I can muster for your stupidity, stow it.


thats not how it works, you can only get a voice spotting if you can actually see the plane or heli

Ground RB should really stop being the odd one out (as it so often is) and actually allow proper target locking, and thus target callouts, like every other main mode does; Air RB, Air AB, Naval RB, Naval AB, Ground AB, all have callouts.


Being SPAA without radar isn’t even that bad, in most situations the aircraft is clearly visible anyways and your radar just triggers RWR, so you might as well keep it off so the enemy doesn’t see your missile coming before you even launch it

I mean you can spot with your eyes and that’s what’s emulated with that.
Just like all tanks should be able to spot targets, as well as all planes should.

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Yes, because you yourself can spot through clouds I assume?

In case you didn’t notice, that works. Your crew also doesn’t have to directly look at it, it being within a general 90° cone around your crosshair is enough to count as “seen”.

My crew “spotted” people through skyscrapers, stop spouting nonsense.

This is a forum, not a place for you to vent. Thank you for the very constructive criticism though.

This is exactly how it works. Anything in the general direction of you view is reported, even if you yourself can’t see it because of trees or similar obstructions.

Provided they’re not entirely enveloped by the cloud, yes. Because that’s realistic.

90 degree cone of vision? What us Humans have and use on a daily basis? Realistic.

You mean spotting aircraft before they hide behind a building? Realistic.

Are you done being foolish or do you want to keep going?

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Reading comprehension is hard it seems like.

For you, real slow now.

You. Report. Stuff. That. You. Physically. Can’t. See.

It’s reporting a helicopter at 0 ZERO meters. The heli spawn for the opposition is in a ditch and my view is covered by walls.

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So report it as a bug. The functionality makes sense and shouldn’t be removed, but bugs like this need to be ironed out.

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So you happened to find a bug.


Submit a bug report and be on your way.

It’s not a be all end all is it tho, it will tell you the direction it’s coming from and the hight but not the angle. Plus it’s not exactly easy to see them coming in. Fuck helis but planes can dodge most missiles, all apart from the strela which is irccm (says it doesn’t but good luck flaring one) and is highly mobile. Most jets can’t dodge it so it’s more a problem of the strela rather than anything else.

Nope, I highly disagree, now maybe it plays only for vehicles with the ability to be an SPAA. A “radar data share” would be a better option though.

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We just need scouting for planes and helicopters, there is no reason for ground forces to be this crippled and have to rely on the Mk.1 Eyeball to spot and track planes which are singular pixels in the air whilst also playing against other ground forces at the same time.

Complete lack of ground to ground communication yet planes magically get notified when an enemy tank gets hit with an MG from 10km away.

Stupid amounts of handholding, just fly far away from the battlefield and look for these markers to engage.

This would be a lot more workable if planes get spotted.


I second this. Any way to ease the helicopter grinds, however small, is fine in my book. Would also give stuff like the Japanese Huey and AB-205 alternative use apart from rocket rushing. Though I’d personally just run my Z-19E with a completely empty loadout (apparently you can do that) and pretend that I’m a scout drone. Might be somewhat scummy, and ineffective for grinding, but certainly amusing.

EDIT : disregard, I completely misunderstood the point :/ I still agree though, as someone who may have abused the insane scouting abilities of the ASU-57, it’s just funny LARPing as a security camera when parked near cap points

disregard, I completely misunderstood the point

Well, I’m fully on board for improving the heli grind, which is entirely impossible currently, their mode is complete garbage and their earnings are excessively poor, starter helicopters with rockets and no ballistic computer needing to be used to research 400k RP is absolute insanity and probably the worst game design I’ve ever seen, the fact they came up with that and thought it was okay just shows their mindset.

Playing 2 hours to get 20k RP, just wow.

But yeah, in this case that was not my point lol.

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In any case, I still agree, considering how SPAA players are rather clueless at times especially in the midtiers. It’s frustrating to see them spraying at some random direction while some dude in a Corsair strafes the team relatively scot-free. Having a marker over them would at least give them something to actually shoot.

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And of course, getting the kill assist for spotting an aircraft is a pretty neat bonus. Helps with the ridiculously low reward you typically get with shooting down aircraft in GRB by adding an extra incentive on top.

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